Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Home on the Range

I'll totally reiterate what I said on Sunday night. MAN, it's good to be home. T is adjusting really well. She's eating really well, and sleeping pretty decent. 3am seems to be the be-witching hour for both of us. Darn jet lag. I must stop napping and power through or I'll never get back on track. I woke up at 3am today and thanks to a 3 hour nap - I am WIDE awake. Woo hoo. At least it's allowed me to get caught up on work emails -- all 698 of them. UGH!

T is also slowly getting used to the car. We took a little trip yesterday to the grocery store in town (Think tiny IGA). Today our big day out was planned to be a stop at the post office, pay electric bill, hit the pharmacy and then stop to see T's Grand Gramma Repp... however, small towns being what they are -- guess who we ran into at the post office. Yup GG Repp! So instead she came to visit after her own trip to aforementioned tiny IGA.

Tonight was a big night out on the town -- T had her first meal at Riverside - the family restaurant we frequent every Friday. I thought I'd see how she did before it got really busy. She had a great time and once again ate like a champ.

More pictures to come...


Joy said...

Oh I am so glad that you are adjusting well. This makes me think wow driving in the car with her by myself. Yikes. I think that could be stressful.
This is such good news.

jeanette wunderly said...

So happy to hear you are doing well! Can't wait to see some pictures!

True Story said...

AAAh yes... those crazy nights at the Vlad Inn are a distant memory!! Yaay!

Anonymous said...

So glad she is adjusting to home life.
Anxious to see more pictures.
Good luck....Mary

Gloria said...

Glad to hear everything is going so well!! Please more pictures!!!

Troy and Rachel said...

Welcome home! Rhonda is a wonderful friend!! I loved your tribute to her at the end of your prior post! Good friends are hard to come by!! I'm glad T is eating well and you all will work out a good sleeping schedule soon! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Roger and Joanne said...

So excited to read the updates.
It seems like you have this mom thing down. Just think how much better it'll be as soon as that jet lag wears off. You're already going off on adventures. I just imagine I'll be help captive in my house for weeks before I venture out. Kuddos to you!
Have people been at the house at all helping? Rhonda?

Kim said...

It's great that you and T are adjusting so well! I can't believe you are home with her, you must really just feel that way all day! Isn't it great!