Monday, March 16, 2009

Wait Day 6 - Over the Hump

Happy Monday from Vladivostok. Never did I look forward to Monday so much -- a day with Tatiana! So this morning at 11:00am sharp my fierce protector, Sergei, arrived for our trip out to Artem. He plays the role of "tough Russian man" really well, but inside he's a big teddy bear. Don't tell him I told you!

It was a great visit day with Tania. She came pitter-pattering down the hallway after her lunch and believe it or not there were NO tears... until she walked smack dab into the wall. Kids living in the baby home don't see men much - so sometimes it takes her a minute to stop looking at Sergei! She was too busy looking at him and ran into the wall. THEN the tears came out. But she calmed down quickly. We had a blast. She was in rare form today - there was singing, dancing, laughing - quite the performer she is! I can't wait for Friday to finally roll around...

I also realized today that I have been remiss in filling you in on a couple MAJOR events of the past week. I keep forgetting about them -- and I am not sure how, as they have been some highlights of the otherwise slow week! (Ok only slow after court, haha!)

A brush with the "Fuzz": On the way home from the orphanage last Thursday, Sergei got pulled over by the police! The police are super efficient here -- they stand on the side of the road with a black and white stick and if they want you to pull over, they point the stick at you, and you are expected to stop. Somehow, I don't see this going over in Detroit!! I asked Elena, my translator, if Sergei was in trouble - and she said she didn't think so, that unlike the US (she was an aupair in the states for a couple year) - the police can stop you for any reason. So I think that Sergei showed his ID and pretty much, we were off. Big events!

More Shotgun Blasts: For those of you who have been loyal followers on my journey may remember a post from last November about things I was missing in Russia. I talked about how Rhonda and I kept hearing "shot gun blasts" at night - and since we are near a big miliary building, we figured why not? Turned out that it was actually fireworks!! Saturday night after the wedding, we had more fireworks! Must be part of their "wedding package"!!

I am certainly missing things from the US by now. I am not homesick - because I love being here and soaking in the culture and seeing T -- but there are lots of things I am missing. Here's the short list:
- I miss my kitties. A furry face at night would be sooo wonderful about now!
- A couch or soft chair: hotel beds get old after sitting in them for so long.
- A nail file: hint, hint Rhonda!
- Riverside: Yes, I know - I can't believe I miss that place... (it's a restaurant at home)
- A multitude of TV channels: I have found where old TV shows that have been cancelled in the US go after they die... Asian satelittle. October Road, Eli Stone, etc... and the repeats. UGH!

Paka from Vlad! More tomorrow...


jennyjohnson said...

I am thrilled that everything seems to be going so well for you! I am glad you're wait time isn't going too be home with your sweet girl before you know it! Thanks for updating, it's been fun to check in on you every day.

Jennifer said...

4 days until Tday. How awesome. The girls can't wait until you bring her home. You are in the home stretch now. Befor you know it you will be eating Riverside Teriyaki and enjoying the atmosphere. LOL Have a great day.


jeanette wunderly said...

Sounds like things are really moving along. You'll have your daughter in no time!! Love reading your posts each morning and I REALLY look forward to pictures! Enjoy the rest of your week :)

Nancy said...

Glad you had anther great visit with T!

Oh yeah, those TV shows...what we found was interesting is that the rooms on the front half of the hotel have different channels than the back half of the hotel. Go figure!

Joy said...

I agree the TV is the funniest. As I read this you are finishing you 7th day. Like you I am hoping time is speeds up at least for the next couple of days for you. I can not wait to see a picture of her.

Heather said...

It had to feel good getting out of the Vlad Inn and seeing T. I was laughing out loud about the brush with the Fuzz. During our trip everytime we drove past that check point I would look straight ahead. I was afraid that if I made eye contact with one of the men with their sticks that we would be pulled over for sure. Justin thought I was a bit too worried. Sounds like Sergei played it smooth. I have heard of other people's drivers having to give money to get out of the situation.
Friday will be here before you know it.

Troy and Rachel said...

Your over the hump now!! It sounds like you are so well taken care of and that you really are soaking everything up!! I missed my animals a ton so I understand that one for sure!