Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet Miss Macy (aka Mini)

IMG 007

Yes.  You are seeing (and reading) this correctly.  We’ve added another family member to our house.  Meet Macy – the latest calico addition.  She joins her sisters:  Gracie and Casey, and of course big brother “Bubba” aka Roo. 

I firmly blame this on my neighbor!  Marie’s cute little polydactyl cat, “Polly” got out this summer while she was in heat and viola – 5 of the cutest baby kittens.  3 of the 5 were also polydactyl (extra “thumb”) and 4 of the 5 were female.  Macy is a muted calico.  Since I LOVE calicos (see Gracie and Casey), and have always liked polydactyl cats, Macy was, apparently, meant to live with us. 

Yes, this means we are back to a head count of 4.  But could you have said no to this face? 

The elder felines of the house are slowly getting used to her.  Hissing is subsiding.   Tatiana, on the other hand, is THRILLED.  Beyond thrilled.   Whenever she comes home from school or daycare, her first question is “where is Macy?”  I can relate – when I was her age, I got a kitten and he was my world! 

IMG 024 IMG 006

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of Pre School!

Since sometime last spring, Tatiana has been SUPER excited to go to “school”.  Last school year, she watched her cousins Riley and Ashley, and some of the other kids at daycare go to school.  In addition, she has a really uncanny knack for recognizing buildings around town and remembering EXACTLY what they are (“Oh!  It’s the post office!  Oh!  It’s the dime store – they give me pretzels!”).  Last spring, Gramma Darlin took Tati to “Riley’s school” once to pick Riley up.  From then on, Tati was PSYCHED to go to school.  And the countdown began…

All summer mama heard “OH!  There’s *MY* school!”, and “Mama, can we go to the playground at *MY* school"?”.  Etc, etc and repeat!

Today was FINALLY the big day!  While most of the kids started yesterday, Tati’s 1st preschool will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, so she started this morning.  But wait – did I just say “1st preschool”?  Yes!   I did!   Right now she’s enrolled into two different programs.   I’ll spare you all the details (ok, I tried to type it all out, but it’s seriously such a long story that even I was getting bored typing it, so you’re saved!) but suffice it to say that right now the schedule will be M-W-F mornings and then Monday through Thursday afternoons.  The big test will be Monday and Wednesday – both LONG days.  If it’s too much, we’ll drop one. 

So, on to the part you’re all here for… PICTURES! 

IMG 016 Breakfast before school!

IMG 022 I’m ready to go

IMG 025

My backpack is bigger than me! IMG 028I’m so excited!

IMG 035

Here we are!  Time to go!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cat’s Eye View


Hello everyone – Roo here.  You also might be familiar with another moniker I have “Bubba”.  It’s recently come to my attention (multiple times, in fact), that my press time around here has drastically decreased.   I’m here tonight to change that fact.  Besides, my mom won’t get around to posting for another couple weeks, so SOMEONE should keep this blog alive.

Things are ok around here.  Mom would probably tell you differently – that all is well.  But – I’ll sing a different tune tonight.  I mean, look at my face.  Do I look pleased?  That KID has taken over this house!  *I* am supposed to rule the roost! 

Actually, secretly, I’ll admit it, she’s pretty cool.  Mom catches me outside her room at night.  She thinks I am waiting for her to go to bed, but really I am just making sure the kid’s alright.  I’ve kind of  named myself her protector.  I DO get jealous if all the attention is focused on her – and I’ll have to squeeze between her and mom.  But it’s all good.  I just want to be PART of the fun. 

Gracie is good, too.  She’s still a huge eater – even though *I* am the giant boy.  The kid helps mom feed Gracie the wet food.  She gets the can of wet food out of the cupboard in the evening.   Gracie likes that but still is a little hesitant to let the kid touch her – unless she’s let her guard down and the kid sneaks up.  The one thing we don’t get?  The kid (and mom too) call her “Heana” all the time.  Mom says it’s because she used to call Gracie “Gracina Purina” and that kid started calling her “Heana.” Weird.


That young cat that looks like Gracie is still around too.  I think her name is really Casey, but the kid calls her “New-new” or “Newnie” because, quite simply, she was the new kitty.  She came home after the kid did.  I like her and all – but she gets almost as much attention as the kid does.  Mom’s not really sure what her background was since both her and Gracie came from “death row”, but we suspect she had been around kids and dogs since she’s not scared of either of them.  Mom says she’s her lover girl, she’s always jumping into mom’s arms from the floor and she licks mom’s neck a lot.  Also weird. 


Mom told me that if I left a post with no pictures of the kid – I’d get in trouble.  So here they are.  They went to a wedding last weekend with Grampa and Gramma who were in town from Florida (via Tennessee).  And this morning they made cookies.  But not kitty cookies or treats for me.  Sheesh.  Gramma Darlin and the kid also got matching (temporary) butterfly tattoos.  IMG_8454 IMG_8458 IMG_8679 IMG_8683

Sounds like the kid is sleeping – time for me to assume my post at her bedroom door.  Night all!