Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wait Day - 8 "Crazy 8s"

So after I posted yesterday, my new friends Lisa and Andrew and I wandered out on what was Lisa and I's second excursion of the day. Big happenings in Vladivostok!! We wandered down to the ocean again and -- walked out on the frozen water. The weather has been pretty nice the last couple days - mid to high 40s, so the ocean isn't as solid as it probably was back in January. No worries of falling through, but I am sure we won't be able to do that much longer! Check out my cool pink UGGs!

I moved into a suite yesterday at the hotel as well. It's super nice to actually have additional places to sit! I never thought I'd get so excited over a loveseat and chair. There is an ajoining door to the room next door, so I am hoping that's the room that Rhonda gets when she arrives. If we leave the door open she can come and go as she pleases, and also take advantage of the kitchen and living area.

Today it was back to see Little T - hopefully our last visit in the "visiting room". Compared to what many of the other families tell me about the visiting rooms at their children's baby homes, it's quite a large room - but we're all really tired of being cooped up in that room. Tatiana seemed like she's getting a little scared of Sergei for some reason. The last couple days she won't "bring him things" which used to be a favorite game of ours. Hopefully she's not creating a fear of men - although that's typical of many of the children from orphanage.

Tomorrow it's off the store. Other than the small "market" I posted a picture of a couple days ago, I haven't hit a store yet since arriving on this trip. Now that I have a kitchen we can make things more in the room and potentially save on the restaurant charges. I don't care HOW good a restaurant is, after eating the same menu for almost two weeks, it's hard NOT to be tired of it. Lisa and I decided that we'd like to look for break and bake cookies tomorrow at the store -- that would be most excellent. Come on Nestle -- come through for me.

I'll sign off now -- this week's American Idol is on for what I am sure will be the first of MANY showings. Paka!


Anonymous said...

I feel much better now! You do realize that you'll have to keep this up even after you and T get home! Congrats on the new digs!

findingourdaughter said...

LOVE the pink Uggs! I have been waiting to see a picture of them--LOL! If you find ready to bake cookies......I will be so happy and not so scared of my own trip someday to Russia. THAT would make my trip too!
I'm so excited for you to pick up little T! I'm worried she is going to cry.....esp. when getting in the car to leave......esp. if she is acting afraid of Sergei. Ugh....better have some good snacks/candy/treats on hand! I'll be praying!!

Nancy said...

Let me know if you find those cookies!

gayle said...


I stumbled onto your blog--literally! This is Gayle from PA (Jonathan's mom) I feel your pain of the waiting! When I met you, I was SO READY to go home! J did well on the flights, but I am happy to be home! He is gaining weight and seems to be happier every day! Hang in there! It's almost over! Enjoy the star channels in the Inn! :)

Lindsay said...

I can't believe that your wait is nearly over! Very, very happy for you and Little T.

Joy said...

Okay I think now I am starting to get a little crazy because I am using my phone to look up the time where you are. It is offically day 9!!! Where is your post for day 9??
Okay it is 6:53 am there but I still want my update.
Just kidding you sleep now.

Troy and Rachel said...

Oh no...American Idol again?! I can't believe you walked over the frozenocean - how cool!! Just a couple more days...

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on your blog from another and wanted to congratulate you. I too am a single mom who adopted from Russia. 3 years ago on 3/14 my 10 day wait was up and I took my baby boy from the BH in Magnitogorsk Russia. It's a wonderful experience. Enjoy every minute with your precious one. They are the best!!!

Roger and Joanne said...

I love Ugh's--they're the best!

So happy to hear of your new "larger" home away from home. It's really the little things that make us happy. Change is good. Like you said, even eating in your room will now be a nice change.

So close...!!!! Crazy, unbelievable!