Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Friends

Two Girls & A Window: Tatiana & Alexandra (Sasha)
Tatiana & Alexander (also Sasha!!)
It's been a busy week of doing not much around the Vlad Motor Inn. Tania continues to grow and change a little each day. I've tried to limit her outings as she can get a little overwhelmed if we tackle too much. She had a rough night last night - seems like if she doesn't get to sleep smoothly, she has a hard time staying asleep all night. I've gone back to two naps a day - which was her schedule at the orphanage, even though they said I could cut her down to one long one. She seems to expect the naps, and even though she fights it at first - she will rest. This afternoon, however, she "woke up on the wrong side of the crib" and kept having little tantrums, so she's back napping again. Well, she in her crib singing currently!
The other fun part of her day is when we do go out and she gets to "play" with her new friends. Jeanette and Sophie left yesterday - sad for us but GREAT for them. They are probably on their long flight home currently. Wish them luck. Lisa and Andrew got custody of their little guy, Alex, on Tuesday - so she's enjoyed playing with the "lay-ya" (Russian for baby). T's other new pal is Alexandra (aka Sasha). These two girlies RACE up and down the hall and generally have a blast together. T is a HUGE copycat - so she's enjoying following Sasha's lead on things.
Things keep rolling on here at the hotel. Even with the departure of Jeanette and Sophie, two new families arrived on Tuesday for court today. They both got custody immediately, so there are two new kidlets as of this afternoon!
Rhonda and I are hoping to have a visit with Kate, my translator from trip #1. She was scheduled to come over today - but got hung up with some school problems. I think it's finals week - or close to it. Hopefully we'll see her tomorrow.
Tomorrow is Friday -- one day closer to the planned departure! I can't wait to start packing!!


Jennifer said...

Riley is so excited to see T. She can't wait to play with her. I hope that everything goes as planned and you will be on your way home soon. I know that the packing will be a breeze on your return trip. LOL We miss you and we can't wait to see you.

Love Jennifer and Riley (she is on my lap as we speak.

Nancy said...

Sounds like the VMI is a hopping place! You're almost home--WOOHOO!

Lorien said...

Almost home!!! Hang in there, just a few more days! Little T is so cute - I can't wait to meet her in person, and give her lots of (unwelcomed I'm sure) hugs!!
:) L

Roger and Joanne said...

That's got to be hard...keeping their exposure to people and "stuff" to a minimum. You're doing such a good job! A natural.
So close to that long plane ride home. Do you get to go business class on the way home?

Enjoy the last days!

Anonymous said...

A huge copy cat? Oh, no! Guess who she will be copying? The marks-on-the wall girlie! Make sure no crayons or markers are accessible! It's time to baby-proof my house!


Tamara said...

How great for her to have playmates. I totally believe that the two naps a day is critical. You can worry about moving to one nap when things settle out at home. I'm SO sorry we won't be able to welcome y'all home. We would much rather do that than attend a funeral. Love and have a very safe, uneventful, and odorless flight, Tamara

Shannon said...

Hi Amy

I'm finally getting a lil break from my T to say hi! I've missed reading your blog, but have finally caught up. My sister reads your blog now every day too and keeps me posted. you are having some of the same issues as I have had, so don't worry, very normal and you are doing a great job coping. It does get better with the tantrums too.... my T has been doing much better every week. Less and less. But you are having more luck with naps than I. Mine hates them period. we can talk more when you get home and compare notes, but know you are not alone, and it does get easier.

Best wishes on your flight home if I don't get to say hi again until you return to the states. email me when you get home though.

Paka Paka....I'll say prayers for and uneventful flight home too.


Dennis & Nicole said...

I am so excited that you are so close to bringing your daughter home! I have enjoyed reading your blog and can't wait to continue following you on your journey. It makes me so excited to go back and get our little man :) You are in my thoughts and prayers