Sunday, March 22, 2009

Newest Member of N'Sync

Early post today - it's Sunday in Vladivostok and Little T must mean little tantrum! I now know what the caretakers at the orphanage meant when they say T was stubborn. If she doesn't get her way she turns on the tears. I need to make sure I keep some boundaries and not give in on every wish!

It seems like she really misses being around other kids 24/7. The hotel room has run it's course for her and she's super bored. She sits by the door and taps on it - like "let's go out there". Sometimes she'll bring me my shoes and hers too - telling me what she wants. And many times we do go "play" with the other families -- but we also need to strike a balance so that she gets used to being with just me sometimes.

She took a solid 1.5 hour nap today - which for many kids is great, however compared to the 4 hours she's used to, it's not enough. She got up and started the tantrums again. We went for a couple walks - but I also suspect she's not feeling great. She finally filled a diaper if you get my drift - this am, but she still has some major gas, so I wonder if her tummy isn't bugging her. She also tugs on her one ear a little - ala Carol Burnett - so possibly she's got a baby ear infection. We're supposed to see the Dr tomorrow anyway for our check up before flying - so perfect timing.

She's back in the crib now as she seemed like she wanted to get in. She's rocking and singing, which is better than tantrums. I tried teaching her "bye bye" last night instead of "paka paka" and it seems to have stuck as her song goes "la la la, bye bye bye" so I figure if Justin Timberlake ever holds out on an N'Sync reunion tour, Tania's got a new gig for sure!


Nancy said...

Hi Amy! I hope that T's tummy/ear start feeling better!

Only 1 more week to go, right? :)

Heather said...

Ohhhh the joys of being a first time parent! It is so hard to figure each other out at first and all you want to do is keep them happy and healthy. You have to admit that the Vlad Inn sometimes makes you want to tap on the door like "let's go!" even though everyone there is helpful and nice. I hope that she gets to feeling better soon.
I would be so cute to hear her N'Sync tune!

findingourdaughter said...

You mentioned she was eating a lot of bread....that may have caused some tummy "slow down" or something. Will she eat any fruits/veggies? Maybe try to increase her fruit/veggie intake? I would probably be bored there too, she'll settle in better when y'all get home and she'll have some kitties to chase around.
Have you recorded her singing? That would be so precious to preserve!
I hope she feels better soon before you have to fly home! Praying for all to be well!
Hugs and love!!

Tamara said...

Bless your heart! It's so hard to be half way across the world and try to figure out a new child's 'illness'. I think there's some Mylitol in the 'kit' which can help relieve the gassiness (totally a suggestion from one of the boards). Keep an eye on her temperature to make sure she doesn't have an infection. I'm sure the doctor can help give you the names of some stuff for constipation (if she has that) and her ear ache. Then your driver can take you to the Apteka where you'll find Solpedien which is awesome for headaches :) Both our children are STUBBORN. Lord .. they're worse than my folks and, let me tell you, John and Toni wrote the book on stubborn! LOL. Take care and hope the nap schedule gets back on track. That will help little T's mood a lot! Love, hugs and paka! Tamara

Anonymous said...

Have her checked for Giardia when you get home. Our daughter had it and she was also very gassy.

True Story said...

She's the cutest Amy! You are doing great-- stay patient and keep that sense of humor :) BIG transition time, things will settle out. Best wishes for a quick visa and returning home. Sandy

Roger and Joanne said...

I can only imagine how challenging it really is, but you're doing a great job. You have a lot of people giving you great advice; which I'm sure I will rely on greatly once it's my turn. Every day is closer to better.

Hoping you both are healthy and happy!

Troy and Rachel said...

Get used to the bringing you the shoes routine. Daniel still does it! These kiddos love to be outdoors! Hopefully her ear is okay and her tummy too!