Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wednesday in Vladivostok - Day 1 of Wait

No visit with Little T today -- as I was getting out of the car yesterday after court (my translator had left already), I said to Sergei, my driver "das zaftra, 11?" (meaning see you tomorrow, 11am - which is our normal time these days). He said "zaftra - nyet". So not sure why, but today is an off day. I miss visiting her, but I also don't mind saving the $15/hr each for the driver AND translator.

Last night I ordered a pizza from the hotel restaurant. I had the pizza when I was here in October, and while it's a little different, it's actually really good! It's got some cheddar cheese on top as well, sounds odd, I know, but trust me! I stayed up LATE last night and waited for those of you in the eastern part of the US to wake up! I got to talk to Angie last night and get caught up! Suddenly I realized it was almost midnight here, the latest I have stayed up by a LONG shot. Since I have been waking up around 4am, I was exhausted.

After my wild and crazy night, I actually slept in until 6:30am! Wooo hoo! More internet time, and "skype" which has been a godsend to be able to talk to people back home. Then I figured it was time to get outside and get some fresh air, so I walked down to the Sea of Japan again. Note to Rhonda, I did NOT almost get hit by a train unlike some people I know hehe AND if you will want to do this in a couple weeks, make sure you bring some grippy boots. Imagine at home when it snows and nothing gets plowed and then it gets driven through and walked on and finally freezes. Frozen ruts are hard to walk on!!

Here are some pictures of the trip so far... enjoy! More tomorrow!

Giant building next to the Vlad Inn - possibly a sanitarium

"Cottage" near the Sea of Japan - unsure if it's occupied!

"Pier" out to the Sea of Japan - hard to tell where the beach ends and the Sea begins!

The Courthouse where I became Tatiana's Mom!


Barb said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Hope you get to see T tomorrow!

Nancy said...

Hi! Nice to see the pictures! We ordered the pizza a few times in 2007...and every time we ordered it, it looked and tasted completely different! LOL Oh, and that building in your pictures, someone (now I can't remember who) told us it was a resort for high-ranking military officials.? Enjoy the rest of your day in Vlad!

findingourdaughter said...

Love seeing the pictures! Wow, Rick asked me yesterday if you mentioned it was cold.....LOL.
Sad you didn't see Tania, I'm sure these 10 days will be the longest yet......but this too shall pass. Her cheeks are so precious.....I can only imagine they will get more squeezeable with all the laughs and smiles she'll have with you!

True Story said...

Amy -- I am jumping up and down for you!! Congratulations, you are gonna be a great mommy to this beautiful little girl. Still hoping to see you soon : ) Try to rest up and enjoy the 'finish' line before the starting line of a much more enjoyable journey : )

Roger and Joanne said...

Bummer about not seeing Tatiana today. I'm sure the day passed much slower. Are there many people still left at the hotel? Kudos to you for going out and taking a walk!
I'll check back in tomorrow for that reunion again with Tat.

Rich and Jolynn said...

Hi Amy,

Pizza and Skype! That sounds like a good time, hehe. Been thinking about you and T. Sorry you didn't get to see her but soon you will see her all the time. I sent you an e-mail yesterday. I was sick and out of commissions for awhile but I have gotten caught up on everything and I am so happy for you.

It is really wet here at home, lot's of rain and some flooding. Did you see the ice that crashed into homes off the Saginaw Bay. It was such strong winds that pushed the ice up on the banks and damaged homes.

Waiting (as patiently as possible) for the picture of you and your baby together.

Mike and Heidi Lee said...

Skype is a wonderful thing!! Funny you talk about pizza at the VMI, Mike was JUST talking about it last night to a friend of his!! I guess it's good you had day off since you were up partying all night...any gunshots heard? fireworks? On our off days, we'd take baths and relax. Just make sure and use A LOT of bubbles to cover up the yellow water. I just love reliving these moments through you!

Heather said...

I think I will always remember the word zaftra from now on ;o) - hehehe. I can't wait to hear about tomorrow's visit!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
I just wanted to say, I'm still praying for you & little T.
I knew there was a reason I kept stalking your blog, and so excited for you, I just noticed Tatiana's middle name is Elizabeth, that is also my middle name.
Really, it's because Heidi felt so close to you.
Anxiously waiting for the pictures of her. Loved the pics of Vlad.


Oh Amy, I am so thrilled and happy for you and Tatiana!!!
Congrats, Mama!!! Enjoy the rest of your trip!
Tell Jeanette I am only 30 minutes from her in Fairfield!!! Congrats to her, as well!!
My mom and another "grandma" order pizza while we were gone once! Don't know how they did it!

Pamela said...

Nice pictures. What's this snow you keep talking about?! Is it cold there?