Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wait Day - 2

Sergei: My driver and Coordinator. And fierce Russian protector!
Elana: Sweet, sweet translator!

Artem Baby Home - "Gym" (above & below)

Today was another great day in Vladivostok! Sergei and Elana came to the Vlad Inn to pick me up around 11am and we were off to Artem. We were greeted at the door by the Baby Home Director, Natal'ya. I met her in October and she was back today after the "holiday" - she's as kind and generous as I remember!
My translator, Elana, asked if we could see a little boy that a blogger friend of mine, Heather, is adopting. Heather and her husband, Justin, made the BEST book for their little one, Blake, and asked if I could deliver it to him. I was honored! At first the director said "yes, I will give him the book" but Elana (the Great!) said that I would also like to get a picture of him for his mama and papa. And Natal'ya agreed! She brought Blake into the visiting room and he was such a doll! Huge smiles. I didn't want to confuse him, so it was great to have Elana around - I asked her to tell Blake that I was a friend of his mama. He loved the book and quickly picked out both mama and papa. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to deliver a piece of his new home to him!
As if that wasn't a great day in itself a minute later Miss T came tromping down the hallway. She teared for only about 30 seconds today - and she sat on my lap and was easily calmed. Natal'ya had some wonderful advice - she said T is stubborn (hmmm I wonder if she gets that from me! hahaha) and that I need to be firm, but calm with her. And most importantly, don't give into her every whim and spoil her. Uh huh! I'll have to seriously try on that one.
Natal'ya the director was followed by Natal'ya the doctor. She gave me all sorts of great information on T -- no allergies, they have started to try potty training her etc. It was great to talk with her as well. She said they have been really happy with how much more interest T has in "learning" lately. All good.
Natal'ya the director mentioned that when many of the children in the orphanage figure out that they are "important" to someone, that they have a tendancy to get really bossy in their groupas. So she said "maybe you don't come everyday". So we decided I'll go next week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday should be pick up day. Sergei, Elana and I will go to the store on Thursday. Ahhh, things to look forward to!
Finally, T and Elana and I got to play in the Gym this afternoon - it was good to get out of the visiting room and see some other parts of the baby home. We had a great treat at the end - one of the other doctors and Natal'ya the director came up to play Ping Pong. T was FASCINATED!!
One last note, my social circle is growing! I met a fabulous couple last night - Andrew and Lisa from Vancouver, BC. It's great to have more people to spend time with and talk with!! Paka - it's dinner time!!


Barb said...

Sounds like a great day! Can you post a pic of Andrew and Lisa . . . maybe I know them LOL!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a great day! You just sound so happy! Looks like we'll be potty-training at the same time--can't wait.

Nancy said...

What an awesome day!

Todd and Jana said...

Great pictures and post. How exciting!

findingourdaughter said...

What a great report on little T! Although I'm not sure I'm buying the "not come everyday" part.....sniff, sniff......I think it is good for her to get more comfortable with you before her world is turned upside down. Oh well, what can you do, right? This too shall pass. (Gosh I say that alot--maybe it will start to sink in for myself!) In just a week she will be in your arms forever!
Praying for you and Tania!
Hugs from FL,

Heather said...

Amy - You are just amazing! The pictures you sent to us were priceless. I can not tell you how grateful our family is to have the pictures of Blake. I know how intimidating the visits can be and how hard it is to feel comfortable to ask questions of the orphanage staff so the fact that you were willing to deliver our album means so much. Please tell Elana thank you for us as well.

Isn’t the gym such a better place to have your visit than the little room with the brown couch? I bet Little T was happy to have the visit in there as well. I can’t wait until you can upload pictures with her in them! You should talk your new friends at the Vlad Inn to head downtown on the train during the next couple of days so that time can go by a little faster.

We will be forever grateful for you Amy!
IL love from The Overstreet’s

The C. Crew said...

I just read about your court date from an earlier post. CONGRATS! How very wonderful it is to hear that great news!
In one week, you she will be yours forever! :)
Are you using the courier or going to Moscow?

Troy and Rachel said...

What a wonderful day! I think it's wonderful that you could get a photo and give the book to the little one waiting for his parents! How special he must have felt. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time and that Little Miss T is warming right up!!

Anonymous said...

Amy, this is one of Blake's grandmas. Our family is so grateful for the pictures you sent to Justin and Heather. Thank you very much.

Shannon said...

Hi Amy! Congratulations on your court date. I'm just getting a moment to catch up with people since I got home with my Tatiana. Can't wait to see pictures. Sounds like you are doing great!

I'm also sorry to hear that they suggested that you don't visit every day until gotcha day. I think it really helped transition my lil T, but what can you do. Hang in there and enjoy your time in her city so you can tell her all about it when she gets older.

Laura said...

Amy: Having been the recipient of pictures taken by another family visiting the same orphanage of our little girl, I know the exact joy that Heather and Justin felt when they saw the pictures of their little boy that you took.

Those pictures will be treasured forever and you made their day (probably week and month, too!).

I'll continue to check in and see how your visits go next week with T. Continue to enjoy every moment!


luvin' life said...

That is a great gym for an orphanage! We never saw anything like that. I had to laugh about their description of Tatiana's temperament and their prescribed treatment. We got the same for Maya.

I am sad to hear that you won't be able to visit her everyday. That helped a TON with our transition. We even went twice a day when we could.

SO excited for you!