Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday in Vlad

I think the Russian's are on to something with this whole "Women's Day" thing... they had a day off today as well! Sheesh! But no day off for me today -- around 11am it was off to see Tania again. Yea!

This time the social worker, Svetlana, was there and we were able to talk more about Little T's background and some more information on her medical "diagnosis". I won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say, her birth momma stinks. Sounds like T had a rough couple first months, but it's all in the past now.

Today started about the same as yesterday - big tears after leaving her room. I got to be very overwhelming to leave a room you hardly ever get to go out of. Essentially she eats, bathes, sleeps and plays in the same two rooms. For those of you "Artem" parent's, T is in the "Duck Groupa" at the top of the Pepto Pink stairs. She may be one of the older kids in her room, and I think possibly if she had not been getting ready to leave, she may have graduated to another groupa.

After jumping on her favorite "low-shet" (Russian for horse, say it like it's spelled there) she started to calm down. The social worker says she likes to "swing" I suspect she means rock. And she said she does this at night too -- which doesn't surprise me since so many before me have told me about this coping mechanism. From there it was 95% smooth sailing! She LOVES the attention - loves "peek-a-boo"/hide and seek type games, and "Uncle Mark", "Uncle Gary" and "Uncle Boo" will like to know that she likes to be tossed in the air. And man when those giggles start - she could melt an iceberg!!

Court is tomorrow -- Svetlana helped me get prepared and was really nice. Icing on the cake was the all of a sudden I had a bloody nose! Thankfully my translator, Elena, was there to help watch T while I got it to stop. Weird. I think I have had like 3 nose bleeds in my entire life.

Update on my social life: Apparently it's "singles week" in Vlad! Haha! I met two other single mom's yesterday that are here. Jeanette, from Davis CA, is my "neighbor" in the hotel. She had court last Friday and took immediate custody of her sweetie - Sophie Elona. Gail, from PA, is leaving today with her new son, Jonathon. She's here on her 2nd adoption! So for the time being Jeanette and Sophie and I will hang out. A friend of Jeanette's will arrive on the 16th, T should be with me starting on the 20th and then Rhonda arrives on the 25th.

Last but not least, I'll try to answer some popular questions. See above for other families. Not in the suite yet - hope soon. I could potentially get Gail's after she leaves. Hotel in Seoul was nice but small. ROCK hard bed, but super handy. I haven't had the stuffed toast yet -- but I promise I will try it SOON!

I will leave you with a tease of what's to come. I can't post any pictures of T just yet -- so you'll have to do with her "haircut". Her adoring fans will have to wait until approximately March 20th! Paka!


Laura said...

oh, I could just squeeze that cheek! Even tho' it's a profile shot, she's soooo precious!

Glad to hear you have company while you're there. ;)


Barb said...

awww - she looks so cute! Hope you get a good rest, and good luck in court!

Jennifer said...

How exciting for you. Her curls will grow back soon enough. She will get lots of air time with uncle Mark I am sure. Good luck in Court, I know you will do fine.

See you soon :)

Joy said...

Oh you are right that hair is going to be very curly!!

Good luck with court in case I am not able to look at your blog tomorrow.

Just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you.


Heather said...

I love the teaser photo on that recognizable brown rug. The air is so hot and dry in the baby home so I am not surprised about the nose bleed. I bet that was real inconvenient. We will be thinking of you today as you have court. Hope all goes smoothly. Keep the updates coming!

Rhonda said...

i'm there on the 23rd.
we'll have chicken tenders - hold the sugar.

findingourdaughter said...

So sorry you got a nose bleed.....I've never had one.....that would have freaked me out! Tania looks so precious....even with her haircut. I can't wait to see more after Gotcha day! You will do great in could the judge NOT love you :). And I'm so glad you have some girls to hang with.
Praying and thinking of you!

Tamara said...

I recognize that fine 'do! They must train all baby home employees in how to give a crew cut. I can say with certainty - it will grow out. Hopefully your nose bleed is just a random, freak incident. I know how scary and inconvenient they can be (picture a bleed out at a Mexican restaurant where we proceeded directly to the ER because I couldn't stop it). I'm sure the next customers thought someone had been murdered there. LOL. Sorry I missed you this morning. I was up until about 12:30 a.m. as Mia is under the weather. I hope to read great news soon of your court date. The biggest hugs ever and paka! Tamara

Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

I wish I could spin her around and give her a big kiss, but the photo is cute. I can't wait to see her full on. Also, I bet the nose bleed is from all the flying/climate stuff. Sometimes when I travel I get a bloody nose, especially in winter when it's dry and the hotel heat is blasting (as it usually is in Russia). I hope that you won't have to deal with that again!

tammy said...

good luck at court!

Todd and Jana said...

I love the picture of T. What a cutie! Good luck in court:)

Roger and Joanne said...

Thanks for sharing all the details. Her profile is beautiful.

Good luck in court.

Glad to see you're around other single moms and not the "third leg" with all couples.

Can't wait to hear how court goes.

Pamela said...

Gool luck with court. Tatiana is so precious!

Rich and Jolynn said...

Wishing you the best of luck in Court. You are going to do Great!

Are you in a higher elevation? That is when I get a nose bleed.

T. looks so cute!

Sherrie said...

Good luck in court! I can't wait to hear all about it. I wish we were there with you - I was hoping to meet you.

tina said...

loving your updates and thinking of you often!! :)