Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wait Day - 5 : 1/2 Way There!

First a note Lanotch and his wife who left a note on my blog yesterday. Congrats on your upcoming first trip! I don't know how to reach you, so hoping you get this message. Please feel free to email me: Yes, I get to visit some during my 10 day wait. I visited her Thursday and next week, I will go Monday, Wednesday and Friday should be the big day. Typically the baby homes are "closed" on the weekends. When is your trip?

Now onto "Wait Day 5". Nothing much to report today. Another family arrived in the last 24 hours - the Jones Family from Georgia. They're adopting a little girl who just turned 3 - so it looks like we'll have quite the girly group going by the end of the week!

I have a follow up to my post about the big yellow building next door... it IS a "spa"/vacation spot for high ranking military officials. The Russian word is "sanatoria" - which is why I was getting "sanitorium"!! In fact this whole area is referred to as "sanatoria" - meaning vacation spot. So mystery solved. Not that it was really much mystery.

I really wish I would have gotten a picture of the bride last night. I may have to pressure my new friends Lisa and Andrew to publish. Ahh the things that entertain us. Lisa and Andrew are really good people -- hoping to keep in touch with them long after. I really miss my original "Vlad Family" from trip 1 -- Sara + Steven, Mike + Heidi and Phyllis + Ed.
Ok I think that's all for today --- Paka from Vlad! Leaving you with one last teaser pic of Little T :)


Sara said...

We really miss you too. Keep the teaser pics coming.

Lisa said...

I think I can russle up some pics of the cleavagy bride. You can't really see the glitter as well as we hoped though.

Laura said...

Oh, how I just love teaser shots!!! Can already tell she's cute from the top of her head!

Laura :)

Anonymous said...

Love the teaser pics---Syd keeps saying "me, me!" when she see them!
Hope you're staying busy!

Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

I am really enjoying your trip journal. I'm wondering if the photo T is looking at in the book is a pic of her????? Am I the only one who noticed this?


Adrienne said...

Congratulations! You are getting so close to having Tatiana forever in your arms. I will never forget the day we picked up Owen from the Artyem baby home. Seeing your pictures and reading about everything you've done and seen brings back SO many memories!!! I can't wait to see you holding your sweet baby girl :)

So happy for you,

Anonymous said...

So cute, I too noticed the picture in the book and assumed it was your little T.
We are keeping you in our prayers,
can't wait to see the pictures.

Pamela said...

What a big bundle of cute she is! Just a couple years younger thank you were when we met. Staying at a vacation spot sounds so nice! Enjoy!!

findingourdaughter said...

She is just a teeny little thing! I am missing you! Not that you live close to me, just knowing you are 15 or more time zones away and you are not at home! 4 more days!!
Constantly thinking of you and little T!