Friday, April 3, 2009

Picture Parade

It's been a long week - thanks to my good friend, Jet Lag. I remember fighting this when I came home last time - but not for THIS long! Wow - it's been rough getting back to the eastern time zone. Must be that darn "Spring Ahead" that's getting me - ha ha!

Believe it or not - Miss T is holding up like a champ. She's adjusting really well and seems to be mighty happy and comfortable in her new digs. She LOVING the kitties or Maaaaaw as she always says and big news to report is that today she's started saying CAT. She's still a tiny bit scared of actually touching them - but my guess is that the kiddos were told over and over again at the orphanage NOT to touch the strays that were everywhere around there.

She's sleeping almost through the whole night. She'll usually wake up once or twice and whine a bit, but then she goes back to sleep. We even had our first April Showers thunder storm last night and she didn't seem to mind that. She'll even take her nap pretty well - which is a bonus too. She fights it in the beginning - she doesn't want to miss ANYTHING, but usually will finally fall asleep. Bonus for mom is that she likes to give me kisses when she gets up -- which is a huge step for her, especially so early on.

Other big news to report this week was her first U.S. haircut. It will take Jasmine a couple cuts to get it all cleaned up - but it already looks better and she was a real trooper sitting still at the salon. We also had a visit to Bernie's (daycare) today. Riley (T's little cousin) goes there as well - so it was nice for her to have a built in buddy. We visited together for awhile and then I went to the store for about 30 minutes in order for her to see that mom goes away but comes back. Not a single tear was shed, which was great. Even better was that she was excited to see me when I got back but yet it didn't scare her to realize I had been gone. What a trooper this girl is!

For her fans -- here's some pictures that I finally downloaded today...

Watching "You Tube" with Aunt Rhonda

Packing is fun!! Giggling in the Seoul Air Garden Hotel

First picture as a US Citizen!!Getting a trim from Jasmine


jeanette wunderly said...

I am so happy for you girls!!! She sounds like she is adjusting well. When do you go back to work?

Carolynn and Steve said...

The pictures are cuter than cute! I'm so glad that you're finally making the adjustment back to the correct time zone--and you know what, the time change messes me up every time--stupid daylight savings time!
Sounds like things are going very well--yay for things like haircuts and sleeping all night and kisses!

Heather said...

Great picts! Sounds like Tatiana is making herself right at home! That is fabulous. Hopefully it won't be long and the darn jetlag will go away. Keep the pictures coming! ;o)

Kim said...

What a great update and the pictures are adorable!!

Nichole said...

Jet lag was SO much harder the second time for us, too. Sounds like you are settling in well!

Roger and Joanne said...

What a trooper is right! She's adjusting fantastically. Thanks for posting some pics, but we want to see the two of you together, too!

Easy than while in Vlad for that first week?

Keep the details coming. I love hearing about the adjustments to the USA and a new mom--since I might soon be in your shoes. ;-)

findingourdaughter said...

Awww, she looks so sweet getting her hair cut! I'm so glad things are going well! She is a trooper and has such a great momma. So, when are you coming to FL? LOL
Hugs and Blessings!

The C. Crew said...

It is so fun to see the pictures. Welcome home!!!!!!!!!