Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday and The "What The?" Look

Happy Hump Day all! I am pleased to report my formerly VERY sick desktop computer is home from the computer hospital with a clean bill of health. WHEW. The guys at Croswell Computers 'N Vacuums fixed Bessy up nice. They even saved my pictures and music files etc. I DID have the pictures backed up on my external hard drive - just nice to know that I am not missing anything :)

Some quick Russia updates. Congrats to my new blogger friends Ken and Gloria who have safely arrived in Vlad to meet their new duo. They are traveling to meet a sibling set (boy AND girl!) north of Vladivostok. In a FUNNY turn of events, they reported on their blog yesterday that Little T's photo montage card is hanging on the wall in Scary Tatiana's office in the MOE. More on "Scary Tatiana" here (for those that may not remember her!!). Too funny! For trip #2 I brought some gifts for the folks who "helped" along the way including some chocolates for Scary T. My other thought was to help future Lighthouse/LSS families!! Apparently she liked it! I also made picture thank you cards at Shutterfly and added (in Cyrillic) inside "Thank you for taking such good care of my daughter" for the baby home workers and "Thank you for helping me find my daughter" for the LSS team/Scary T.

Finally congrats to another new friend Pam who will be headed to Vladivostok to meet a special little girl. I am not sure if Pam blogs, but I'll have to find out. And FINALLY, Joanne and Roger who are headed to Moscow to meet their future two kidlets! I am super excited for both of you. Some people have asked if after "completing" T's journey home and the official part of the adoption if I experienced "post-adoption depression". I don't think I have. She's kept me so busy and I really enjoy being part of other families journeys, so right now I am living vicariously through Joanne & Roger, Pam, The Ross's and the Knight's!

Last, I would be shirking my responsibilities if I didn't provide a T update. She's a total stitch. Her swing set is up and she LOVES it. She's also a huge "face-maker" and makes the best faces. I think this partially started in Vladivostok with Aunt Rhonda and mom, but Gramma also has encouraged this game and honestly it's too funny! Her newest face is what I am calling her "WHAT THE?" face. She makes it typically when she's eating and something new surprises her. I can't really say "something she doesn't like" because she basically eats everything. But if something shocks her she makes the funniest face.

The "What The?!" Face...


Troy and Rachel said...

She's so adorable!! I love the "What the" face!!! The whole Scary T story cracks me up and now they have her card in the office - too funny!!! Glad you all are doing well.

findingourdaughter said...

Oh my goodness how much she has changed from the trip 1 photos. Wow! Look out world, little T's got 'tude!
And HOW could the scary Tatiana NOT like YOU! Maybe there is hope to soften her up yet!
Love seeing the pictures!!

jeanette wunderly said...

She is getting her curls back!!! She is so cute!
What a great age!!!!!
As far as the hot tub is concerned...come on over :)

Lisa said...

That is a pretty awesome face.

Anonymous said...

That "what the" face looks an awful lot like Rhonda's "what the" face!


Jennifer said...

Love the "What the" cute!!!

Kenny said...

Hey, thanks for the special mention...sitting her at VMI eating one of the Cheddar pizzas...getting ready to hit hay for another day. Glad we could confirm the photo..

K and G.

Roger and Joanne said...

Cute photos...making faces and all! Love the haircolor and curls.
I'll have to check out the scary T story when I have a moment...curious.
Great idea and so thoughtful to do the shutterfly card for the caretakers.
Good news is always great to hear!

Clarese said...

Look at her curls growing in! So cute!!

Nichole said...

That face is great! I bet it is hilarious in person. Looks like the curls are returning!