Friday, May 8, 2009


We've had a major milestone this week! T finally started drinking some milk!! Coming from a family where my grandfather's family owned a dairy - selling milk myself... this is a big deal!!

Say what you want about milk - but the girl needs it! She needs some calcium for her growing bones and some milk fat to add some pounds. I had tried chocolate -- strawberry -- adding juice to it -- watering it down -- letting it warm a little so it isn't so cold. She'll eat yogurt, pudding, ice cream, cottage cheese, but milk was a big fat NYET. So what was the break through moment? Gramma gave her milk in a big girl cup at her house. So now we do milk in a big girl cup at meals only and everything else is still good to go in a sippy cup!

Tomorrow we are off to a birthday party for T's cousin Miss Mary Mack. Have a great weekend all!
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8 comments: said...

I agree on the milk front! My brother and I never had a broken bone and hardly a cavity and I think it's because we would go through a gallon of milk a day! LOL! Cassi is finally drinking milk on a regular basis. Here's the milk mustaches!


Kellie said...

Love the mustache! She is so cute! You must be on cloud 9 every day!!

Nichole said...

It took Vera awhile to drink milk, too. She would drink soy formula, but not milk, BLAH! I did like you and tried every form of milk to try and get her to drink it. She came back from my mom's house and she said she would drink milk for her...they will do anything for grandma!

Clarese said...

It is so enlightening to read these posts! It helps to see what other families are going through to help us manage our expectations. T looks adorable with her little milk mustache :)

Happy mother's day, Amy!

Roger and Joanne said...

Happy Mother's Day, AMY!!!
You're such a great mom and in such a short period of time.

Sorry...I'm a soymilk/rice milk kinda family. And, I used to be head over heels in love with several cups of milk a day. I'm planning to still buy the gross kefir stuff for the kids. We'll see..nothin' set in stone.

Cute mustache!

Laura said...

I see milk commercial ads in Little T's future!!! Soooo cute!!!


Kim said...

Oh I hate milk, I know I know....I should drink it every day. :) It definitely is a must for the boys though. Glad T has found a way to enjoy it.

Kristine said...

Love the picture!

Just wanted to tell you Happy Mother's Day! I know you had a wonderful day with your new little one.