Thursday, May 21, 2009

What's In a Name?

Quick updates for the week. Please meet CASEY!! Thank you for ALL your great suggestions! I had thought of koshka, but it's rather a mouthful when calling a kitty. I love all the G's and P's you sent.... especially Ondrea, who I think should publish a name suggestion book! Too funny!

The other night in my half asleep delusional state, I thought, "why not rhyme with Gracie"? (my other calico). So it came to me - Casey, Lacy or Macy. Casey is the easiest for Tatiana to say - although she calls her "new new" because I kept calling her "new kitty".

She's SUCH a sweet girl. She LOVES attention and cuddling and even let's a two year pet her with no nerves! We visited the vet on Monday and she has NO ear mites, NO parasites, and passed both blood tests. WOW! Talk about a healthy girl!

Speaking of girls -- I can't post again with out an updated picture of T. She's been sporting a partial hair pigtail the last couple days and of course is super cute (although I may be a little prejudiced!) I'll have to snap a picture of it - but we've been crazy busy getting ready for this weekend's garage sale and fully enjoying this great weather. Have a great weekend all!


Kristine said...

Great choice on the name, although I was really hoping you were going to go with Roxy Mittens ; ) LOL.

T is just precious.

Troy and Rachel said...

Love the new name and your new member of the family!!! Good for you for saving a life!! I bet T loves her "new new"!!

Kim said...

Awwww how cute! Both the kitty and T! :-)