Saturday, May 2, 2009

Waiting for the Other Shoe To Drop...

I think I am starting to sound like a broken record. People ask me all the time "how is SHE doing?" (meaning Little T). The Truth is... she's doing really well! I am extremely blessed to have such a happy little girl on my hands (enter knock on wood HERE!).

Sometimes I think I am going to jinx myself. I hate to admit it, but I *AM* superstitious. I really, really hate admitting that. I don't even read emails if I think they are "chain" type letters. Seriously. I delete them. Don't send them to me... I'll start thinking nasty thoughts about you! Just kidding -- but don't send them to me :)

But back to the jinxing. I am sure that there will be issues to come. And no, she's NOT perfect. She's two. Two year olds regardless of birth country, and living situation are a handful and she's no exception. I need to be more patient with her as she continues to learn her boundaries. And like many two year olds she whines when she's not getting what she wants (and has a meltdown when it's time to come in off her new swing! More to come on that later!) But she's honestly a JOY.

I am greeted in the morning with giggles and I get a "hi!" anytime I open the car door to get her out of her car seat. And she just wants to be with me and play which she reminds me of if I am not giving her the appropriate level of attention. Sometimes I think "OH! Just let me finish making dinner" (or whatever) and then I think - wow! This girl just wants to be with her mom - what a HUGE step for her.

Her smile will melt your heart. When we eat out she likes to say hi to everyone, smile at them and wave. And if she sees someone leaving -- "bye bye" is headed their way. She's a GOOD girl!

My friend Tamara and I were talking and have identified 3 common "baby home" personalities. We are armchair "experts" of course hahaha! But it's an interesting topic - so I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts. The 3 common personalities we saw were:

1) The "Introvert": Categorized by the super shy child who when faced with any variety of stressful situation tends to draw into him/herself. Not ALWAYS shy, but to the "public" appears quiet, shy and somewhat withdrawn.

2) The "Charmer": This child tends to smile, giggle and laugh a lot to please those around him/her. Their dynamic personality probably got them what they wanted in the baby home and it follows them now too.

3) The "Town Crier": Learned that tears got a reaction and usually a quick one in the baby home - so this child uses their tears to get what they want. Not always crying - but knows the response.

T is a combination of a "Charmer" and a "Town Crier". Back in Vladivostok she was more of the crier - but she's also learning the ways of charming people as well!! For those of you who have adopted internationally, let me know if you saw this as well!


Nichole said...

Interesting observations...when we were at the orphanage, Vera seemed to be "The Introvert". They described her as a watcher. Well, she in anything but a watcher, now! She is now probably a cross between "The Charmer" and the "Town Crier". Vera is more of the "Town Whiner". It will be interesting to see what others say.

Lisa said...

I would say that Alex is the charmer type. But he is doing the same thing with the clinging, which is flattering but sometimes it is too much. We are trying to get him to cling to Andrew a bit too. Most of his meltdowns are directly traced to me not paying 100% attention to him 100% of the time.

The C. Crew said...

I am so glad to hear everything is going well. She is a doll.

How are you doing? I miss are emails that we sent before we left for Vlad. :)


Aha! Yes, there is a method to their madness! Delaney is certainly mostly a charmer and has keen survivor instincts, but can also be a bit of towm crier! I call her my little Drama Queen! She knows EAXACTLY whats she' doing and when to do it! ARGH!!!
Parenting is matter how it's come by.....
So happy to hear Little T is falling within "normal" standards! he he!

Laura said...

Amy: I just had time to catch up on the last few weeks of posts on your blog. I LOVE her pics -- she is just a beauty!

I can't wait to determine Kristina's personality category: she's definitely not the introvert and definitely not a crier...yet. After she leaves the orphanage with us next week, I'm sure then we'll know!

And thanks for checking in on us...we love the posts from home and all over the world. Makes our day!


findingourdaughter said...

Awwww, but I think she IS perfect.....the perfect child for you!!!
No experience yet on the orphanage types....I'll have to get back to you on that one.

Roger and Joanne said...

It may be monotonous to keep saying that, but thankfully it's not the alternative.
Hmmm...T's pic definitely looks like she's the Charmer. I said that right after I saw the picture for the first time. We'll see what happens when we meet...

Heather said...

Hey Amy! We are sitting in Moscow finally getting caught up on all of our internet reading. It is great to see that you and T are dong well. I would say that Blake is completely The Charmer. He flashes his smile and bats his long eyelashes at everyone. If we tell him no or 'scold' him for inappropriate behavior he REALLY turns on the charm. He is a great fit to our family because Brady and Madison tend to fall more into that category than the other two as well (even though they were't adopted).

Troy and Rachel said...

It sounds like T is doing great and acting just as a two year should!! Def. a charmer!!