Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Parents Needed!!!

Ok you great networking adopters....

I have a situation AGAIN that I want to pass along. My agency has 4 "WAITING" referrals that they are looking for paper ready families for... here's the list!

Sibling group of 3: 4yo girl, 3yo boy and 2yo girl
Sibling group of 3: 8yo girl, 7yo boy and 5 1/2 yo girl
Little boy born Sept 07
5 yo boy

We were successful in placing the last 3 yr old girl with a potential new mommy - can we do it again??? :)
Please holler if you know ANYONE who might be interested. Even if it's just some one's blog you read!! These kids need homes...

(enter comment from Ondrea here about cats AND kids!!)


Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

Dang you... now I have like 12 other kids to be worried about in addition to one little kitty... sort of makes my daring kitty rescue seem like no big deal though, huh? Work with me here, I'm trying to stave off Adoption-itis. :) I will pray for them. I personally want to take the first sib group you mentioned (Meg could use a couple of sisters and what's one more boy, right) but Brian might tell me to find a new husband to adopt them with and that wouldn't be conducive to any of my future plans. :) Thank goodness I'm not paper ready! :) I'll pass this one on though.

Kristine said...

So tempting....adoption is addictive. Don't you have room? :)

Hopefully, someone will snatch them up! I too will pray for them.

Troy and Rachel said...

I'll add them to my prayer list! I'm so happy to hear about the other little one!

Kim Abraham said...

Oh, I would love to adopt one of the sibling groups with the girls. Like Ondrea, however, that might just send my husband running for the door. I'm hoping for just one more girl though. These precious children will be in my prayers.