Thursday, September 4, 2008

Still Waiting!

Happy Short Work-Week! Since I am saving all my vacation for the big trips to Russia, there will be no more other breaks until Thanksgiving. Short work weeks are tricky. Earlier this week I felt like the world was moving slowly. Today, however I keep thinking in my mind that it's Wednesday -- and figuring out that it's Thursday keeps messing me up! Thankfully, I am starting to feel much better this week, however, I still have this lingering hacking cough. UGH.

Nothing major to report so far this week. I did receive a surprise phone call out of the blue from an old friend that I have known since about 1974! (Hi Pam!) She did a search for me and guess what -- she found my blog! How funny! I also start my 8 week aqua-aerobics class tonight. I am excited to start this as I miss my yoga classes. Although the prospect of getting in a bathing suit is rather scary! Wish me luck!


Nichole said...

You go girl! You will rock your aqua aerobics!!

Troy and Rachel said...

Don't you love hearing from an old friend!! Enjoy the aqua-aerobics. I think it would be a blast!

Amy Deffenbaugh said...

How was the class??? Another nice distraction while you are waiting... Have you thought about taking up another hobby?? Winters in PA it was funny all the things I started...crocheting scarves as a biggy!! I guess I am just too antsy by nature!! Hang in there!

findingourdaughter said...

I have tried aqua aerobics before and although I liked it, I kept feeling like I was going under the water (I'm not a great swimmer anyway). The other thing was....I was the youngest one at least 30 years, LOL.....and I'm no spring chicken myself:)! But maybe that is more because it is Florida.
But the ladies were very sweet to me and they were VERY funny too!
Have fun!

Tamara said...

I'm sure you were the envy of all in the aqua aerobics class! I was encouraged to try this class when we sighed up for our health club. Were they CRAZY? The whole reason I was joining the club was because I NEVER wanted to be seen in public in my swimsuit! I did try it and found that, while some instructors were good and it was fun, others were just a chat fest and didn't really give me much of an aerobic workout. It did help me get over my fear of public swimsuit wearing and I highly recommend water aerobic shoes as I lost most of the skin on my feet during the first three weeks. I also can tell you with confidence that bandaids do not work well in the pool as I saw mine float by during one class. Oops. Have fun!