Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 Years Later

It's hard to believe it's September 11th again. Where does the time go. Even harder to believe that it's been 7 years. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was living in Grand Rapids, MI, driving to Detroit for a meeting with some co-workers when the receptionist from our office called and told us what was going on. We tried to have the meeting, but obviously no one's minds and hearts were in it. When I reached home that night, I was shocked at how QUIET it was. I lived 8 miles from the airport in GR and was really used to hearing the planes.

Politics aside (I hate talking politics with groups of people because I think that everyone has their own views and isn't likely to be swayed), it was really nice to see the candidates attending the various memorials today. Like the days following 9/11, I found myself glued to the TV today watching all the various programs. Some of the channels (Discovery, History etc) have been running some great programs regarding that day and the events surrounding it. I can't get enough of those shows.

So, now I want to hear from you. Where you you that day? What do you remember? Do you watch the memorials/shows? Or is it too much?


Carrie said...

Hi, I was just blog surfing and found your blog so I thought I would answer your questions.

I was in my third grade classroom teaching when my husband called me. I remember trying to stay calm because I had a room full of kids who had no idea that anything was happening.

And I don't really watch the stuff because I have 2 kids of my own now and we mostly watch Noggin.

findingourdaughter said...

Yes, I watched the History channel for 2 hours last night and then did NOT sleep a wink, UGH! It all still disturbs me a great deal!

Seven years ago, I was asleep with our 2 month old firstborn baby in the bed with me...because DH had left on a PLANE early that morning for a business trip. A little after 9am a friend of mine called and woke me up, asking me if I knew what was going on....of course I didn't. She said, turn on your tv...a plane hit a building in NYC (we were in FL). I said, OMG--DH left on a plane this AM. Luckily I quickly did the math and felt like his plane should have landed much earlier in Atlanta than this was happening. I tried to call him and eventually reached him, Thank God. I sat there for 2-3 days straight, watching TV, nursing a newborn and crying. I was worried how DH would get home with no flights....they did have a rental car (he was with 2 other colleagues), so after 2 days, they drove 8 hours home.
I remember feeling scared to go anywhere, the store, driving, etc. and I felt so alone--dealing with all this by myself and wondering what kind of world I had brought my baby into.

God bless the USA,

Little Patch of Heaven said...

Hi, so glad to hear that you are registered. Hope that you hear soon. I have been away for awhile but read your blog every day.

Take care.

Tamara said...

Sorry for the late reply .. doing the Iowa thing curtailed my normal habits :)

I too remember that day so clearly. Nathan and I were awoken by the captain of our cruise ship in an Alaskan port telling us that everything would be done to keep us safe. Huh? Sleepily, we turned on the TV to see the clouds of smoke billowing from the first hit tower. As we watched, we saw the second plane hit. It was absolutely unbelievable. I remember us using pay phones to call home to make sure that our families were okay (my Dad travels alot as did we at the time). A week later, we were at the airport surrounded by some fairly hostile people trying to get home. We were on one of the first planes that could depart Alaska.

Amy Deffenbaugh said...

Grant was 2 weeks old and we were navigating life with a newborn, so didn't even have the TV on. When we heard and turned on the TV, Tower 1 fell before our eyes. As a little background -- I was a kid raised in the days of "The Day After" movie and predictions of nuclear war at every turn. So in my mind, this was it. If something like this happened it meant that someone declared war on us and in turn the bombs would start flyin. I picked Grant up from a nap just to hold him and vividly just remember feeling so bummed that that was all I got -- just 2 weeks to be a Mom. It was odd. I wasn't paniced or scared, just really resigned to the fact that that was what it was, there was nothing I could do, and it really sucked. Oh yeah -- and my mother in law was in town and couldn't leave for another week since no planes were flying!!! AAAGGHHH!!!! :)