Saturday, August 30, 2008

Officially Official!!

Yup! It's true... I am officially official! In the mailbox today was my copy of the Dept of Homeland Security approval to adopt an orphan! Also known as the 171H form. The precious 171H. While I am starting to feel a little better, I wasn't able to do the major dance at the curb I planned, but I did manage a mini jump-hop.

OK, bear with me here for a minute. This is where I will loose some of you. Laugh at me if you must, call me crazy behind me back... I think I am tough enough to take it. You already know my terrible ability to be patient for things I am excited for, but if you don't know me all that well, you may not know that I am a sentimental FOOL. To the extreme.

Yesterday, Friday August 29th, the day I received two pieces of good news, critical to my future in Russian adoption, also happened to be the 1 year anniversary of the death of one of my favorite Aunts, Barbara Ann (Clarkson) Ginther. I like to believe that after we all die, there is a place called Heaven where you get to rejoin all your family and friends who passed before you. And I also believe that these family and friends look out for you and guide you through tough times in life. So was it just a coincidence that these two pieces of news were delivered yesterday? Honestly, we expected to hear the registration news last week, but rumor is someone at the MOE in Vladivostok was on vacation. As for the 171H - my HOPE was that it would arrive any day, but the original receipt letter I received from them said up to 3 months -- which would have been another 30 days.

So, you decide. Heckle me if you wish, but I like to think Barbara Ann had something to do with it!


Lindsay said...

Yeah for you. My referral arrived the day after the first anniversary of a friend's death. That day, as I'd gone to bed, I'd said a little prayer for Jana, said I hoped she and her family were ok and at peace and that I was sorry she would never meet my daughter. I asked her if she could to watch over us. My referral came the next evening, some 10 1/2 months before the minimum waiting time I'd been told to expect! Like you, I like to believe my friend had a hand in this.

Good luck with everything.

Tamara said...

I totally believe that my friends and family that have gone before me are guiding me, watching out for me and probably even telling me to be more patient occasionally ;) from heaven. Each step of the way I felt my mother-in-law, Jan, guiding us. And, then when we met Mia, I thought, "Wow, no little girl could have the Christensen eye brows. That's crazy!" I think she guided us to a child that looked like her son (three blondes in the family would've been just too much for poor Nathan :)

I know I don't have to tell you how psyched I am for you. Wahoo, yea, yippee, WAHOO! Tamara

The McLaughlin Family said...

This is such exciting news. Congrats!

Troy and Rachel said...

Congrats on being official!!! I hope your 1-3 months is more like the 1 month end!! Can't wait to see a post that says referral!

Becky and Keith said...

There is nothing better then opening that mailbox and seeing your 171! Well, unless you're meeting your referral or picking him//her up! :-) I hope your wait is as short as possible - I've heard great things about your agency! Thanks so much for the recipe on my blog!

findingourdaughter said...

I am also big into signs! For myself, my change to a positive attitude about our process has really helped me and I feel like things are going to work out! Even though I would love it to all happen "right now", I know the timing and the details will be perfect.
I cannot wait to see you with your son!

Nichole said...

Congratulations!! It is such a great feeling to see that piece of paper in the mailbox. You will be in Russia before you know it.

I am glad that my pain can motivate someone, otherwise it wouldn't be worth it. How was aqua aerobics? I have never been to that type of class, but it would be great for me since I have a bad back. Too bad my gym doesn't have a pool!! Go Amy!