Thursday, September 18, 2008

True Hollywood Adoption Story

Do you ever watch True Hollywood Story (or THS for those "in the know")? If you do, you are likely aware of the bizarre "plot" line that accompanies most of the THS stories. Person X starts with nothing; struggles for their "art"; makes it big; finds drugs/alcohol/sex addiction; something tragic happens; redemption and happiness.
Oddly enough, after reading blog after blog, I have found a similar plot line in adoption stories. Sadly enough, it seems like right before many people's happy news of a referral/first trip or a court/second trip, something tragic happens in their family/lives. Typically, a close relative or pet passes away. I am BY NO MEANS making light of these scenarios. It is never easy to loose someone you love. Combined with the roller coaster of emotions that is the adoption process, I am surprised there aren't more meltdowns along the way.
So... get prepared, I have my own True Hollywood Adoption Story in the process. About two weeks ago, my 2nd oldest kitty, Nougat, started acting a little "wonky". That's a very scientific word, mind you. Years ago, he torn his ACL - just like a human can do, and ever since then he's been a HUGE mama's boy, but never really my social butterfly. But lately he has stuck to himself even more - hanging out under my bed or 1/2 behind the couch. So I took him to the vet and blood work commenced. His white blood count came back high - and she thought it was a virus. So he was on Clavamox for about 10 days and that ended Monday. She wanted to see him again after the blood work to see if it fixed things.
A couple of times over the last two weeks I have seen glimmers of the old Nougat, but he really still isn't himself. If I put him in bed with me, he'll purr and purr and purr. He still LOVES his attention, but he won't jump up on the bed or the cat window - seems like he has no energy. He hasn't been eating much either. So back to the vet we went today. She re-ran his blood work and the white blood count hasn't changed much at all, in fact some of the factors even increased. Her suspicion? Leukemia - not the feline (highly contagious) leukemia that they are vaccinated against, but the blood cancer leukemia. She did offer to hook me up with a specialist in the Detroit area, but I really can't see hauling this poor guy in the car all the time for 1.5 hours or so for kitty chemotherapy.
Her suggestion was to put him on some meds and see what happens. Prognosis? Not good. I'm spending my last time with Nougat. Not sure how long it will be, but it's happening. He even lost a full pound in the last two weeks since we were at the vet last. Not good on a 14.2 lb kitty. She assured me that he's not suffering - and in fact other than feeling not so peppy, he probably has no clue. So that's good -- if he was suffering I wouldn't have brought him home.
Keep my little grey boy in your thoughts. It could be a rough time for his mom!!!

ACL Surgery
On his window perch


findingourdaughter said...

Oh Amy,
I am so sorry to hear this! But you are right, it may also mean that your referral is on the way. Although it all is alot at the same time, so I hope you at least have time to settle kitty (either healed or otherwise) before you would have to travel so far away.

Little Patch of Heaven said...


This is so true. I hope that your kitty does ok. He will be in my thoughts.

Nichole said...

So sorry to hear about your kitty. You sound like a great mamma. Hope your referral is on its way!

Amy Deffenbaugh said...

I am having fond memories of Nougat as a baby, and sending him happy thoughts!!! Hang in there friend.

Lindsay said...

Sorry to hear your bad news.

The McLaughlin Family said...

Amy I'm really sorry about your kitty. I hope all will turn out ok. I know how much you love your cats so I can imagine this is really hard on you.

lrwenger said...

They are such a part of our family! I have a Russian blue as well, got her in 8th grade (yes, she is still alive, can you guess how old??)

She looks a lot like Nougat, but not sure she can see much anymore - still purrs and loves attention. They are the best pets, I tell you!

:) L

Tamara said...

Oh Amy, I've been thinking about you constantly the last two days.

I am so sorry for you and Nougat. I know how hard it is to know your 'baby' is nearing the end of his life. It seems like I've had more death in my last two years (and yes some amazing happiness as well .. We could be the True Hollywood Story for Adoption) than I have had my whole life.

I too had a pet scare the last few weeks. On Monday, we had to take Blake in for a lump removal in his jawly (technical term for Boxer jawls). We had to wait two weeks for the surgery as he has an infection on his paws that they wanted under control first. I worried for a straight two weeks ... well, more like bordering on being a basket case. He is my best friend EVER. He's been with me for seven years, is loyal, funny, smart, good listener, gives good smoochies, handsome ... really has all the things you'd want in a good friend. He made it through surgery and we got the call yesterday that his lump was a hardened salivary gland. No worries. No cancer. I was so relieved.

I know what great friends our pets are to us. Hopefully the rest of your babies can ease your pain when it's time for Nougat to pass on. I pray that Nougat doesn't suffer any and that you're able to spend some quality time with him during the remainder of his life.

The biggest hugs ever for you, Tamara

Becky and Keith said...

Oh, Amy, Amy... I'm SUCH an animal person and hate what you are going through. Give that baby lots and lots of love. And vanilla ice cream. When each of my babies got sick or I realized they would get well, they got vanilla ice cream (melted down, of course). And makes sure you have some - but maybe Godiva chocolate ice cream or something soothing to the sole and tummy. :-) I'll be thinking about you and Nougat!

Jules Sandweg said...

Oh Amy, I am so, so sorry you are having to deal with this! God's blessings!