Friday, July 11, 2008

Wetting My Pants At the Mailbox

Throughout this whole crazy adoption process, I have been pretty much addicted to reading various forums, blogs and basically whatever I can get my hands on regarding the adoption process. One of the steps I have mentioned before, and have read about is sending your application into U.S. Department of Homeland Security - Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Services (also known as the i-600a form). This application, upon approval, allows you to bring an adopted child into the country and makes him your immediate relation.

In each state, there is a local office where you submit your paperwork to. In Michigan, it's the Homeland Security office in Detroit. Wait times for turnaround vary by office, from literally a couple weeks to months and months. Detroit runs about 3 months on average - if you have no hiccups. Since I have a WONDERFUL Agency representative who knows ALL the ins and outs, I was told to wait to submit my i-600a until my Home Study was completed. This is what the Detroit office prefers. So I did... and I am officially on the clock in Detroit as of 6/30/08. Other states, as I mentioned occasionally go faster. And as I have mentioned before, I have the patience of a fly... so I read about other adoptive parent's receiving their approval in like 4-5 weeks with envy!

Today when I got home and checked my mail (expecting maybe something exciting like my phone bill.. ooohhh), guess what I found in my mailbox??? If you guessed an official looking letter on watermark-type paper from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, you were CORRECT! Immediately, my mind starts racing. Could it be....
A) My approval in as little as 2 weeks, making me the fastest person in Michigan history to get approved?
B) A letter asking me for 1,000 more notarized and apostilled documents?
C) A letter saying "ha ha - DENIED"?
D) An appointment to get my fingerprints done?

Well, you can relax now... it's the fingerprint appointment. Which is good news -- we are moving in the right direction!

The appointment that was assigned to me is 7/22/08 @ 9am. Yipes -- good thing I don't live up north, 'eh? Little Yooper talk for those of you Michiganders.

And since I know you're all still wondering... yes, my phone bill came too! :)


Chandra said...

Yay! I remember how excited I was when were got our fingerprint appointment. It means things are progressing! Congrats.

Tiger & Kar said...

Hi Amy - my name is Karyn & I found your blog from comments you left on Ondrea's (Gifts from the God of Life). Ondrea & I are with the same agency. She just brought her little girl, Meg, home last week. Our son, Ilya, came home on May 31, 2008.

Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you on the fingerprint appointment! I remember how thrilled we were when we finally received ours. Of course, once you get your 171 you'll be totally elated!

Best of luck in your journey. Hope you don't mind if my family tags along to offer you some encouragement along the way.

Best of luck,

Little Patch of Heaven said...

Way to go Amy. I hope you receive I-600A shortly after. Love your blog.

Troy and Rachel said...

Hi Amy! Thanks for the comment on my 'frugal' blog! I'm glad to find your blog and will add it to my side bar. I like to read about families still in all phases of the adoption. Congratulations on your fingerprint appointment!! Each step gets you closer to your baby!!

findingourdaughter said...

Our fingerprint appt. letter arrived on a Saturday....all the neighbors were outside, late afternoon when I checked our mail and I started yelling and jumping around.......yeah, they think I'm crazy......but I really am, so it's all good! LOL
When we got our approval, we checked the mail so late, it was dark out.....when I came in and realized what we had.....I screamed and ran around the kitchen....our boys thought I had hurt myself, LOL!
Wishing you a speedy USCIS approval!

Tamara said...

The finger appointment letter is Excellent news! It means they got your application and they are following their process. And, since your home study is already with them, theoretically in the same big manilla folder with your application and your checklist, things should move quickly! Well .. that's if your I-171H doesn't go to the incorrect Embassy. I hear Guatemala is nice this time of year. :) Paka, Tamara

Nichole said...

It sounds like things are moving in the right direction. Maybe it will only take 2 weeks after your fingerprint appt! That would be great.