Friday, July 18, 2008

It's the Economy, Stupid

Not to quote old Presidents, but I just have to pass this along. You've probably read, and figured out by now, that I occasionally (HA!) stalk blogs in my spare time. OK "stalk" is a bit harsh, but I can't get enough reading about other families journeys. It makes me feel more normal (is that possible? LOL) and I have learned a TON...

So when I am bored at night - since it's summer and the TV shows for the most part STINK (apologies of course to Project Runway, Monk etc), I'll catch up on folks I know blogs, and then click the links to the blogs they follow. Cyber-stalking in the best manner possible! See, to quote another famous American -- Tom Petty was correct... "The Waiting Is the Hardest Part".

So one night I hit the jackpot and stumbled on a bunch of really neat people, including Rachel and Troy (see to the right in my blog role: Journey with the Williams Family: I first stumbled on their adoption blog and while reading about their adorable little guy, I also found Rachel's 2nd blog...

This is SOOO cool! Rachel's got this blog FILLED with shopping tips and also, a BUNCH OF FREEBIES (well links to sign up for freebies!). I have been following this blog for a little over a week or so now and already got my first free sample - a 12oz size of Enfamil!! WOW! You've got to check it out -- it's VERY cool!!

I am not sure how, but I seem to have gotten the "super-saver" shopper gene from someone in my family. I don't think it's my mom, not that she blows $ by any means... but I have also been passing the time during this WAIT with garage sales. My little Russia bubba already has a bunch of clothes waiting for him in a variety of sizes - none of which have been purchased a full price. About 75% of them have been great garage sale finds and the rest have been clearance from Meijer, Target and Old Navy. My mom has also been the recipient of some great garage sale finds: $7 pack and play; $10 slim fold high chair and a $35 reversible toddler car seat (technically from a resale shop, not garage sale).

In other completely un-related blog news... my friend Rhonda sent me this blog today. For anyone that is a fan of the show "Jon & Kate + 8", it's an interesting read. I don't think to completely taints my view of the show and the family -- but it's VERY interesting!

Have a great weekend!


Tamara said...

Okay .. I'll confess .. J&K+8 just seems depressing to me and my Mom. ALL my friends are into it and I just don't get it. I've never watched an entire episode but here's what I got. They are in way over their heads and Kate is mean. But I guess if I had that many kids I might be mean too. Hmmm .. all my friends that like it don't have young children. Hmm .. could this be the missing link??? I'm probably just not getting it :) Tamara

Troy and Rachel said...

Thank for the blog shout out. I started my adoption blog to keep my family up to date having no idea the support from other families I would receive. Now bloggin is a hobby! I'm glad you got your free sample!! It's fun to check the mailbox now!