Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Post Graciegate '08

Things are starting to settle down here after last night's feline version of "Girls Gone Wild". Which is a good thing... I can only handle one major panic attack at a time! Miss Gracie snuggled into bed with me within an hour after her return from the deep dark jungle backyards. I think despite her wild, stray background, she really does like it here!

Slowly but surely I have started working on the little guy's room. It's been my guest room since I bought this house 3 years ago. The color has been a praline color -- and I really like it. I was able to find a "jungle creature" quilt (ok, it was my cousin Jenni's and I snatched it up pre-garage sale) in PERFECT condition. I tease her and say her crib sets aren't LIKE new, they are new, because her kids never spent much time in their cribs... The tiger in the jungle creatures is just a little darker than the walls.

The IKEA dressers are DONE. My aforementioned rocking neighbors (see last night!) put the dressers together for me. He's very handy - so I knew they'd be put together well. Best neighbors ever, I swear! I have already lined up Audrey, the female part of the triplets as a future babysitter!

For the crib, I started in a little bit of a quandary. Jenni was planning on selling her crib at the garage sale we had back around Memorial Day. That was the week I signed with my agency, so she offered to let me use the crib instead of having to buy one. Bonus! I really didn't want to spend a ton of $$ on a crib that the little one wouldn't really use all that long anyway. I would love one of the new really super cool ones, but I also feel like I am bleeding $$ these days, so being frugal I really think this is the best. Then Jenni and I ran into a snag - she couldn't locate the hardware to the crib. She's searched, I've searched... no hardware. So another cousin Gary and his wife thought they could get her brother's youngest crib for me. Their nephew was moving into his big boy bed soon... so it was a solid option #2. Then while we were moving the white IKEA dressers in, the world's best neighbors say "is your crib white"? I relayed the crib saga to them and guess what. They saved 1 of each of the triplets cribs etc and the one they saved? WHITE. And did I want to use it? Uhhhh, YES! I have a serious matching complex -- so this is heaven to me! I'll add pictures later...

See - told ya, best neighbors in the world!

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Tamara said...

Just caught up with Graciegate. Too funny! There's nothing wrong with loving your pets fiercly. I know your son will be adored and grow up loving animals as well. All good stuff. Both our kids, despite never having been around animals for their first 16 months, love Blake. I'm constantly busting them for tossing pieces of their dinner to him. Oh .. he knows how to work the room. Have a great Friday! Tamara