Thursday, July 31, 2008


Happy Almost Friday!

My newly updated forms were sent off into the USPS wonderland on Tuesday am. They're bound for Ann Arbor, MI, make one more stop and then eventually off to Vladivostok. Because these have to be notarized and apostilled, they can't be "scanned" and sent via email. They have to go the good old fashioned snail mail -- ALL THE WAY TO RUSSIA. Man, technology sure makes us impatient, eh?

It makes me think about my future son's generation and their exposure/life with technology. Remember when there were no cell phones? People in the house fought over who HAD to answer the phone, because no one wanted to. Flash forward to now -- what happens when you forget your cell phone? AACK! Let's not even talk about it.

So what do you think future holds in store, technology-wise for these youngsters? Let me know what you think!! Inquiring minds want to know... (or in a shameless shout out to Project Runway, "holla at cha boy").


Nichole said...

My 4 year old doesn't understand when you use a camera to take a picture and you can't see what it looks like on the back of the camera! And, she already can completely navigate my laptop. I probably didn't touch a computer until high school. I have no idea what is in store for our next little ones!

jennyjohnson said...

Hi Amy~
Thanks for letting me peek in on your adoption process. I'm so excited for you!
I know what you mean about kids and technology. I had Jack for an Aunt Jenny visit a few weeks ago. He's really in to rollercoasters now and said "Jenny, just google you tube and I can show you the rollercoasters that I am going to ride at Kings Island". And sure enough, he clicked his way to the videos. Can you imagine?? I asked him if he was allowed to watch you tube...he said "yes, I'm almost 6"!! As far as I know he thinks that you tube is only for rollercoaster videos (thanks goodness!!).
Anyway, I'm glad I can stay up to date with what's going on in your life.

Little Patch of Heaven said...

This is so true. My 11 year old runs all the electronics in the house.

Tamara said...

Okay .. so I don't know what will be in our children's future but here's what I don't want. I don't want an automatic video phone where every time you answer, your image is seen by your caller. No way ... no how! There are too many days when my hair is barely combed and a pony tail looper is my best friend and skin care? I think not :) Have a great Friday! Tamara

Anonymous said...

Here are the little things I notice:

My kids have never seen/may never see a pay phone.

They have a tough time understanding how the $$ coming from the ATM was just EARNED and that it isn't unlimited (I often hear "Well, just go get more out!")

Peyton got all of her recent flash cards right except for 'Where on the envelope does a stamp go'....she had no idea...(and she calls envelopes "emails"

Life without a microwave, water on the door of a fridge and DVR is INCOMPREHENSIBLE to them.

I feel like Bill Cosby - "When I was a kid we walked to the snow....both ways..." :)