Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Dog, errr Cat Days of Summer

With all this talk of bringing home a little baby boy, I have NOT neglected my other babies... the four furries that let me share their bed. Well, Murphy may tell a different tale...
Murphy is my "grandpa kitty". He is a 15 year old flame point Himalayan. He is a gorgeous cat with the most beautiful blue eyes and the BEST personality. I like to call him Murphy Poppins because if you remember the line in the movie, Mary Poppins, he is "Practically Perfect in Every Way".
One thing to note about Murphy, he absolutely HATES thunder. Thunder and anything closely related to thunder - which includes, you guessed it, fireworks!! So while the 4th of July may be one of my favorite holidays, for Murphy, not so much. Now when I am talking about hates - I mean get your cat body as close to the ground, run and hide in the basement hates. Yup, he's a big, fat, furry thunder wimp!
So Sunday night I came home rather late from the weekend's final festivities - a family BBQ and some late, tame, legal in Michigan, (can't leave the ground) home fireworks at my cousin Jenni's house. She's about a mile from me, so the pops were probably heard here. To add to that, the partiers across the river who had been celebrating with their own fireworks were still celebrating. So Murphy was none too pleased. Before heading to bed, I decided to check my emails real quick and was apparently followed into the office (un-noticed) by Mr. Murph. I finished emails and went off to bed, closing the door behind me as always. It's my way of closing off the "work room" so it doesn't stare at me and call to me all night.
I got up to go to the bathroom at around 2:30am. That's what I get for buying the 44oz beverage at Speedway... but all sizes are the same price this summer, so you HAVE to -- it's a bargain! As I am about to head back to bed, I hear Murphy talking to me from what I think is the living room. This is very typical behavior for him - if he hears me up, he'll come find me, talking the whole way. So since he hasn't found me, I go looking for him - but he's not in the living room and I still hear him. Hmmm -- maybe he's in the kitchen -- as I am heading back to the kitchen I hear him crying still "far away". So I head back to the living room (it's a big circle, so we could be playing tag here)... but no Murphy still. As I pass the office again, that's when I heard him. Yup... poor Murph was locked in the office from his earlier hiding gig. Thankfully, because he's Murphy, he was totally unfazed by this entire incident. He definitely makes the Top 10 List of Best Cats. However, as I type this, Roo, the 25lb beast is sitting with me - and has to touch me, so I think he has little cat eyes in the back of his furry head and wants to be reassured that he's on the list too.
Yea for Murphy and no more fireworks!!! (For now!)

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Tamara said...

One of my fav pets, and I tell you it's hard to compete with Boxers, was our Himalayian cat, Luke who we rescued. I fondly called him "Luke the Gook-monster" (okay, I was younger then). I had trained the Boxers to sit at bay just over my door's threshold so Luke would parade about, flicking his tale proudly in front of them .. just to totally mess with them I'm sure. He could also sense when my electric blanket was turned on and would burrow into its warmth on snowy nights. His face looked like he had rounded the corner too fast and hit a cabinet. And, he would look at perspective boy friends with a critical gaze where you could totally tell he was thinking, "L O S E R". Too funny!