Thursday, May 5, 2011

Poised to Moscow

The Russian word for train is "Poi-esed". Which when spelled phonetically kinda looks like I have spelled "poised" wrong.

And if you can't guess, yesterday, Wednesday, we said Paka and Das Vidanya to St. Petersburg and started our journey home, via Moscow. We took the 3:15 "speed train" to Moscow. For the 3 of us, tickets were cheap! It was a smooth, comfortable ride, which was MUCH less of the stress that comes with an airline trip!

We were seated in car #3, at one of the table seats. Which was appreciated having a baby for the whole time. I had asked Svetlana to buy us 3 seats... but nyet -- we got 2 seats and a lap ticket. Thankfully, the trip was only 4 hours. WHEW. And double thankfully, I used Delta points to buy his ticket for the long flight home (Amsterdam to Detroit).

Across the table from us (facing us) were two Russian men. The train left during prime nap time, so Alex's screaming, crying fit at the beginning scared one of them off. I think he went scurrying for the food car. Or the drink car. The other one, Oleg, spoke some English and helped, or tried at least to help us translate things. He told us when the lady was coming to see our tickets, he told us what cities we were passing and helped catch things as Alex through them or knocked them over. Of course, we gave Oleg, early on, our Canadian Alter Ego story, so we'd both like to apologize to Oleg for lying to him! Sorry, dude! Not that he'll ever find this and read it, but our minds can rest a little easier.

Across the aisle from us were two beautiful Russian women and their beautiful daughters, both named Alina. The little Alina's were ages 5 and 6 and very sweet with Alex. They tried to talk to him, play with him and even sang "La Duschki" (I am sure I butchered that spelling!) to him. Oleg informed us that when you are in Russia with two girls of the same name, you are supposed to stand between them and make a wish.

The highlight of the trip was once again entertaining ourselves while entertaining Rhonda. About every half hour we made her a new Flip Video video-conversation. She would have LOVED to come on this trip with us, and even to the last minute debated it, but it was not in the cards. So, we made her feel like she was there. And yes, we looked like idiots. Again. This time with an audience. We have nicknamed ourselves "The Crazy Americankas".

The lowlight of the trip was the BATHROOM. It was putrid. Burn your nose hairs bad. Think strong smelling chemicals and urine. A pool of it. Enough said, moving on...

We made it to Moscow, tired, hungry and a little smelly. We got situated in the hotel and went out to the market for some beverages and snacks. Thanks to Stephanie Ragguci for blazing the trail for me in Moscow -- we not only found the market quickly but we also found the potato restaurant and it was the PERFECT dinner. We got back just in time to get Alex to try to sleep. It was VERY late for him but he was WIDE awake. He fussed for a bit played in the crib and the literally fell asleep in one of his playing positions.

Whew! I am ALMOST caught up! Next post: Thursday Cinqo de Mayo in Moscow. Although we really didn't realize it was Cinqo until later! A little teaser... RED SQUARE!!
the train station, as seen from the car
on the train platform
ok, we're in the right spot!!
the train next to us... wonder we're they're bound for?
Alex and Mama
Alex showing off, he's famous for one shoe on and one shoe off,
so we call him "Diddle Diddle Dumplin" sometimes

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Sherry said...

Awesome... I love your journey and your details. Very nice use of adjectives, young lady :) I'm back in the grammar world since we're coaching little first grader with his grammar homework these days. Alex is gorgeous and I'm sure he's keeping you smiling. Can't wait for the story about when T meets Alex. BIG HUGS TO YOU!