Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Survived…

No, I am not talking about Rapture… I am talking about the last part of this crazy week.

Wednesday night Aunt “Whonda” came north, “to the sticks”, to visit with Tatiana and Alex.  And me, I am sure – but let’s be honest, I know where I rank against those two with her.  It’s a hard competition.  We had a great time catching up and thankfully the weather was on an upward swing, so we were able to get some good outside time in as well. 

She stayed for the dreaded bath time… and as if by magic, Alex actually didn’t mind his bath!  I wouldn’t go so far as to say he enjoyed it, but he certainly didn’t mind it and possibly even slightly had a moment or two of fun.   I even ran to get my camera to prove it – since I had another set of bathroom eyes.  I know Mr Alex isn’t exactly looking at the camera in this shot – but you can tell he’s not sobbing uncontrollably.  It even looks like he may have been laughing!  Besides – this shot was the best at hiding all their bits and pieces…

5-20 006

After she left, the kids were in bed and I was silently writing this post in my head ready to celebrate the hurdle that was bath time.  Hip Hip Hooray!  Alas, I was exhausted, so instead, I went to bed.

And then it hit. 

The stomach virus from, well, I simply don’t know where. 

Tatiana woke up around 2:45am – give or take.  I was tired, sue me for the lack of details.  She rarely gets out of bed at night but when she does, she open her door (right across from mine) and bounce down the hall to the bathroom.  She’ll go potty (her words) or get a quick drink of water and then back to bed – usually without any talking – just maybe some silly giggles.  This time was different, she whined and moaned all the way down the hallway.  When I got up to check what was going on, she told me she didn’t feel well.  In the same whine.  I felt her forehead and there it was – the dreaded fever.  It was confirmed shortly thereafter by my good friend the ear thermometer. 

Before you think – ok, no big deal.  The kid’s sick.  I challenge you.  When is the last time you’ve heard me mention her being sick?  A fever, even?  Can’t do it.  Go ahead – search the blog.  I think in the whole time she’s been home, she’s had a total of 3 fevers now.  One of them lasted a grand total of 5 hours.  Sure, she’s puked before – but honestly, it’s from a seriously high gag reflex.  She.  Doesn’t.  Get.  Sick. 

And within 1o minutes, the real fun started – puke city 2011.  Thankfully 95% of dinner was digested.  However, she had just laid back down in her bed, and not feeling well, she didn’t even sit up.   I heard the noise in my room and found her, crying, in the same position, with… you guessed it – puke in the hair.  A girl’s nightmare.   So off to bath #2 we went.  Thankfully SHE doesn’t have issues with tub time!

Alex had a doctors appointment – the BIG doctors appointment – first after you get home appointment for the next morning, so after some hanging out with mama time, we woke up and I added her to the itinerary.  I turned my back in time for her to down the rest of her water cup – and then promptly puke it up in MY bed.  Score – Tatiana = 2; Beds = 0. 

She managed to get a 1/2 a piece of toast and a few drinks of apple juice to stay in her stomach from breakfast, while I ran around getting us all ready.  During this magical time, my giant beast of a cat (Roo) came forward with a weepy eye (allergies says the vet) and the fluffy one (Casey) joined Tatiana’s fun and projectile vomited a huge furball all over the kitchen floor.  I was up to my elbows in sick and puke.  I literally walked out the door and put the kids in the car IN MY SLIPPERS.  I couldn’t figure out what felt wrong as I ran back in to grab the diaper bag.  Uh huh.  Nice look. 

Basically the doctor said she had what was “going around”; a nice run of the mill stomach virus.  Lucky us!  The doctor also said that Alex was as healthy as they come – and oh yeah, here’s 4 shots for some added fun tonight.  Ye Ha!  Stomach Virus AND a baby with 4 shots!

So that was the later part of our week!  Tons of fun!  T is on the mend and hasn’t had any further problems since late Thursday afternoon (maybe she only got the 24 hour version…) and Alex ran a slight fever after his shots, with a little redness still on one leg, but seems no worse for the wear. 

However… we started back at square one with baths this morning.  So maybe it’s a good thing I never got to write that post.


Tracey and Chuck said...

Love the new pics at the top of your certainly have 2 cuties for sure!!! Sounds like a rough time....Poor T....hope she is all better and nobody else gets that yucky stomach thing!!!

Barb said...

Glad you guys are feeling all better now. I agree with the comment above - you sure have a couple of cute kids!!