Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dinnertime Blues

So far, Alex is a champ at breakfast. We eat almost every morning downstairs here at the Courtyard in their restaurant. They have a great buffet. It's expensive - but it's a good breakfast. Then typically, *I* skip lunch and make do in the room. Alex has been having his lunch up here and eating pretty well. Dinner, however, is a different story although. Until tonight I've mostly been eating at the hotel as well. When Lynda, Lori & Todd were still here, we went out to the mexican restaurant up the street. Sara arrived today so we ventured out to Mama Roma's (or Mama Poma's as one of the signs says). Alex is not usually a happy man at dinner. If I offer him most foods, he'll turn his head and for added effect, cry. This always makes me squirm as I know I am way to over sensitive to what others are thinking/saying. The picture above is his sad dinner eyes. The funny thing is that I can get him to eat somethings if I feed him with my hands and NOT via fork/spoon.

In other daily news, as I mentioned above, Sara arrived today. YEAH! She's super tired from flying for essentially 24 hours so after dinner she crashed before Alex did! He was shy around her at first and now totally has her under his spell. He is SUCH a complete flirt - really knows how to work the ladies! We're hoping to venture out tomorrow morning if the weather holds out for us. It was much cooler today and rainy. Blech!

Here's some various pictures from last night and today...

Pouting from inside my crib... pre-nap
Turning on the charms...
More happy, smiley boy!!
Someone is getting tired...
Milk mustache... at dinner
And for the topper of the day... here's a little something you COULD order at Mama Roma's - pizza with bacon AND egg.
Uh huh. You're seeing it correctly.
We didn't order it, obviously. I said COULD... haha



Way yucko on the pizza with egg!!! Like I said... "too much Russia!" he he!!
Mr. Alex is too much with those pics!! What a ham, you are in trouble, Mom!!!!
Take care of yourself, too!!!!

Troy and Rachel said...

No way would I order that pizza!!! I just can't over how sweet Alex looks (and I'm sure is!). I say feed the boy with your hands!

Hunter and Michael said...

He is absolutely beautiful! I LOVE all of the hair too. Very healthy. Keep the updates coming. Sending lots of hugs.

Sarah said...

Have you walked to Stolle from the courtyard? They are very nice the food is delicious and you can take it to go by walking in and pointing to what you want. It is so cheap to eat in and they are very american and kid friendly. It is russian pies, great soup and salad and dessert pies. Try it out and you could bring it back to the room for your lunch. Lunch in the restraunt for 4 adults would run about $27 with pie soup and salad. Try it out! They have a website and the front desk will tell you how to get there. You walk by it on the way to Mama Romas.

Bill and Michelle Curran said...

He has those big ol' brown lady killer eyes.
I love your writing Amy, not sure what I would do without you :)

Carolynn and Steve said...

What a beautiful little guy---I can already tell how much Mama is in love with him :-)

And seriously---Russian pizza toppings have always made me laugh/gag, but this one "tops" them all. Carbonara=raw egg and bacon? On a pizza? Hurry home, girlfriend! :-)

Joy said...

He is so beautiful. I think you guys are settling in nicely. Your description of that pizza has made me hungry...not. I am so excited for you.