Saturday, May 14, 2011

Adventures with Alex

I think I just blinked and missed a week. And yet, a couple of the days seemed to crawl by at a snail's pace. Either way, it's really hard to imagine that we've already been home a week.

Alex continues to settle into his new surroundings. While we have made ZERO progress toward being a champ in the bathtub, he's made some huge progress in other areas! Here's a quick run down...

Car Seat: For a kid who screamed bloody murder during his first car seat experience, he now LOVES the car and the car seat. He gets super excited anytime we start making our way toward the car - as if he thinks there will be some super exciting new adventure just around the corner.

Eating: We're making strides here as well. Alex still seems to prefer breakfast foods over all else, but he's being a little more adventuresome in the food department now. Lots of room to grow here, but big strides this week, for sure.

Sleeping: No real problems in the department. He's always been a decent sleeper - and it continues here at home. After I put him in his crib (for either nap OR bedtime) he'll vocalize his complaint - LOUDLY, but briefly. It's almost as if he's trying to say "I am going on record that I disagree with this decision!" The tears end quickly, usually under a minute.

For the amount of things that were thrown at him in the past week, he's come through like a trooper. We didn't make it to the doctor this week, but we did make it out for his first haircut. Hoping to get to the doctor this next week.

Alex's reaction to his haircut...
Tatiana modeling mama's work brand
Even though he's not smiling -- it's a good picture of the new 'do
Overall, Tatiana is handling life as a big sister with ease. She's informed her teachers and friends at school that "he's stinky". And she does NOT like it when he cries, however, thankfully, the crying is becoming less of an occurrence. She grew up while I was gone. Maybe it was the dutiful job of becoming a big sister, but some of her previous whining has gone by the wayside. I am not saying it's gone -- but she's made some HUGE strides herself.

I am adjusting ok. I've had my own moments this week that I am not proud of. I think I took over some of Tatiana's whining - haha! Why didn't anyone warn me how much work another little body would be. (KIDDING!)

More later -- tired mama needs to go to bed!!

Two tired kids cashed out in mama's car


Lindsay said...

Yes having 2 as a single kicks my behind on most days too. I think I've taken over the role of Tantrum Queen in our house :) I think it gets easier - when they are about 18!

Heather and Chad said...

Love the pictures!!!! Not sure if this may help but we had a lot of struggles with the bathtub as well. My husband had an epiphany one day and put Hayden and some of his favorite toys in the bathtub (with no water) and let him play. At first he just sat there scared like before but then he started playing. That night we put a little bit of water and again those favorite toys and WOO-HOO bath time was a success!!!!!!

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

It is a real adjustment...make sure you have some time to will really help. Even if you have someone come over and you take a nap or a hot bath. I will be praying for you! Hugs Amy!

He is sure is a sweetie and so it T! Will have to show hubby that pic with the Nesquik! I think he alone keeps you in business in the midwest. You should see the can of Nesquik powder we stock the cupboard with! Every night he drinks a HUGE glass of it before bedtime. ;)

Jill said...

"I am going on record that I disagree with this decision!" I love it! He's so adorable! Welcome home! :D

Sarah said...

Oh Amy, I love the asleep in the car photo! Too cute!
Hang in there, it is definitely all worth it!

Sherry said...

So proud of you. You're an amazing Mommy. Love your photos and stories, please keep it up whenever you have the time or energy.


Troy and Rachel said...

Loved reading the update! You know come to think of it - Daniel is really prefers breakfast over any other meal - it's the one time of day, I know he can pack it in! Love the middle shot of Tati - love that smile!!

Courtney said...

I went through the bath HORRORs (blood curdling cries) thing with our son too. He was 2.5 when we brought him home.

What got him over it was letting him watch his big sister have a grand old time in the shower - within 5 minutes, our son got in the shower with her and that fixed the fear of bathing very quickly.

He now (age 5) LOVES the bath tub.