Saturday, January 16, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Didn’t think you’d hear from me again so soon, did ‘ja?  So for Michelle, we’re back!

Today was Tati’s second swimming lesson.  I would like to report that it went much more swimmingly… however, we still seem to have a slight issue with WAITING OUR TURN.  We had a long discussion before hand about listening to Miss Hillary, T’s patient teacher, and waiting and stopping.  However, the girl just want to swim and apparently cannot be held back by such conformists views as waiting our turn.  So… as Yo Gabba Gabba tells us, we’ll “keep trying, keep trying, you’ll get it right, you’ll get it right”.  (Sorry for those of you Gabba watchers, you’ll be cursing me later as you silently hear this song for the rest of the day!)

She’s a very cute non-conformist, however…

IMG_8058 I mean seriously, folks, could YOU wait your turn in this cool place?  I think not….


Getting ready for the sitting dive… see, I do listen.  Sometimes.


Kicking with Miss Hillary


Let’s do this already!!


Bill and Michelle Curran said...

Ha! Thats what I am talking about! More of the life of Mom and little T! Love the swim suit!

Roger and Joanne said...

Such great swim pictures. Niko has a bit of a problem waiting his turn, too. That's why he's in a class right now that Roger goes in the pool with him, but as soon as he turns three we're going to give it a try and see how he'll do in a class with others. They do all love the pool, don't they?

Troy and Rachel said...

She's so cute!! I totally wouldn't want to wait my turn either! We love to swim in this family too!!

Gloria said...

Love the pics! She is so darn cute! By the way, waiting your turn is overrated anyway!

Kim Abraham said...

What a cutie in her swimsuit!!!

I want to come swimming too, that place looks like a blast.

findingourdaughter said...

She will be all set for FL!!! Wait til she sees her very own splash pool at the condo........she'll be in heaven!!

Nichole said...

T & Vera should get together. She LOVES to swim and has to do it all by herself. I don't think there is any way that Vera would wait in line, either. T is such a cutie!