Saturday, January 23, 2010

Did I Ever Tell You?

Did I ever mention that Sean Astin was on my trip #1 flight from Detroit to LAX?  I don’t think I did  -- too caught up in the rest of the excitement of the trip to go meet who I thought would be my son.  Little did I know that…

1) Sean Astin would be on my flight

2) There was a quicker way to fly (NO LAX!)

3) My son would be a daughter

4) That I’d meet some of the coolest people in the world!  (Hi Sara, Stephen, Heidi & Mike!)

IMG_6766 I have no idea what the crazy marks are on his face.  But as you can see I was full out busted taking the picture.  

I have LONG loved Sean Astin.  I loved Samwise Gamgee, I loved Rudy and I especially loved Mikey in the Goonies.  I thought of Sean Astin’s presence on my flight as a positive sign of the excitement ahead.  And WHOA!  Such excitement!

Tatiana had  another swimming lesson this morning.  I am sad to report that this week’s outing was WORSE than last week.  While we waited for class to begin she splashed around with a couple of the other girls in her class.  Then when it was time for class to start, she just wanted to go back to play.  Maybe she’s too young – maybe it’s too many kids.  Who knows.  I am going to call this week to see if I can pull her out and get some $$ back.  A cousin told me over the holidays that her kids were taught here locally by a woman who has a pool in her house and does private 1 on 1 classes.  I am hoping to get her info as I think Miss Fish would do MUCH better in that environment.


Barb said...

hehe . . . love the look on his face . . . I'm pretty sure you did tell us he was on the flight . . . I remember some kind of rambling post you did during that never-ending journey LOL! Keep us posted on Miss Fish:-)

Lisa said...

That is pretty cool. My favourite movie of mine that he was in was "Staying Together" from 1989.

But Goonies and LOTR are pretty cool too.

findingourdaughter said...

I would have never known who he was if he was on a flight with me, LOL! Good eye!
BTW, my boys were never able to do group swim lessons, I had to do private 1 on 1 with them---with no other children in the pool or around when they were having their lesson. They learn so much faster that way and the progress is amazing.
Good luck! Can't wait to see her swimming in Feb.!

Kristine said...

I love him too...loved Goonies and Rudy!! You really did get busted by that picture...ha. so funny. You should have run up and gave him a big fat kiss (LOL).

We have a teacher here that does one on one swim lessons...they call her the swim nazi. The kids REALLY learn from her. Luckily, we haven't had to go that route YET.

Thanks for the laughs.


Debbie & Bob said...

Morgan doesn't do real well either in those situations. She doesn't listen 1 on 1 in our home for speech theraphy. I think it's just to new and she's overwelmed. I think by next year she'll be better.