Friday, January 15, 2010


My Uncle Terry calls Tatiana “The Little Russian Girl Who Won The Lottery”. He and my aunt adore her, like most of the rest of her “fans” (as I call them!). In some ways, she may have gotten “lucky” – but honestly, *I* am the lucky one.

Tatiana has changed my life in so many positive ways. Last year, after traveling through the Russian country-side, I told myself I would never forget the feelings I had.

Seeing how so many Russian people live made me realize how great most of us have it in the US. I promised that I would start to give more of what I had and continue to give. IMG_6878 IMG_6859Here are two pictures of life in Vladivostok/Artem Russia. You can say “what a cute little cottage” – but this 2nd picture is someone’s HOUSE. Realize that as I type this, it is –18 degrees (that’s NEGATIVE) in Vladivostok. This is one of the bigger houses as well. The owner of this dwelling is likely considered rather wealthy for owning a whole building AND land. Many people live in tiny apartments that many of us would consider to appear condemned. I haven’t publicly shared all of the details of Tatiana’s birth mother’s situation, but suffice it to say that @ a little over 1 month old, T was taken to a dwelling like one of these – in December ‘06 – with NO HEAT and NO WATER. Sad, yes, but it is the reality of what people face on a daily basis in some parts of the world (and the US!)

That brings us to the current situation in Haiti. I honestly don’t know how much more of the news I can watch. It’s so beyond heart breaking to think about that level of devastation. And that’s where my promise comes in. I will give when I can to those who need it. I have more than I need. So yesterday I donated to the Red Cross. Additionally, wonderful blogger friend Ondrea posted some additional links on her blog.

Another friend of mine (thanks, Chris Goosman!) said on facebook this morning, “Find $10, skip a meal, skip a beer, skip a pack of smokes, whatever, the bulk of you reading this live like kings (don't even deny it, if you're sitting using a computer, you live like a king compared to a significant portion of the rest of the world...) and can find $10 to pass along to the charity of your choice. I gave to the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. I implore you to do the same.” NICELY said, Chris.

Yes, we have needs here in the country. I won’t deny it. We do need to work on our own problems as well. However, these are HUMAN BEINGS. The same as you and I. And they need help. This beautiful Russian Princess helped me realize that. Maybe she can help you too!


Showing off my new Cinderella dress, post bath time!


Jeanette said...

Well said!

Troy and Rachel said...

Very nice post. It's true that we have so much here. Troy and I had the pleasure of staying in a small apartment with a lady and her mother on trip 2 and they let us cook in their kitchen. They had 3 or 4 pans/pots, 4 plates, 4 cups, 4 mugs, etc. and guess what? We had everything we needed and we're fine. I look at my cabinets and all the cups and just think "gees, how many do we really need?"

T looks beautiful in her gown!

Jeannie & Freddy & Our 3 Boys, Frederick, Mackenzie & Noah R. said...

I second this post..Adoption has been a journey of Blessings in so many ways. Yes God..we will continue to help even after we have our Princesses;)May God continue Blessing you & Tatiana.

Bill and Michelle Curran said...

Love this! Miss getting so many posts from you and so glad that you are taking all your blessings in stride.

Heather said...

Well written post Amy!

Kim Abraham said...

Yes, WE are the lucky ones to have our little blessings brighter our days and fill our homes with love! P.S. I LOVE your header photo!