Friday, February 13, 2009

Looks Like We Might Have Some Travel Plans!!

As you can imagine, it's been a crazy hectic week! Of course news of the impending court date trumps all, but in preparation for the trip, I had planned a super busy week at work. It's Murphy's Law that I would have found out about the court date during such a busy week!! Looks like I'll be leaving Michigan on 3/5 and returning home on 3/28. Let's hope the best laid plans remain the best and laid!!

Believe it or not the actual choosing of the flights was rather stressful. For those of you familiar with Russian adoption, you are aware that 90% of the families adopting have to return home through Moscow (regardless of their region) and make the famous Embassy stop. If you aren't aware - you learned something new today!! However, because Vladivostok is SOOOO far from Moscow - approximately 9 hours by plane!! - this region allows families to send a courier to Moscow for them to do that Embassy visit and paperwork. So I'll actually be flying home to the east vs. flying over most of Europe.

Going to Moscow IS an option. Do you pay a courier or do the leg work yourself? My wonderful friend Rhonda (yes, she of the first Tatiana trip!!) had volunteered to go back with me for part of the trip to help get Little T home. She and I BOTH would LOVE to see Moscow -- and when in Russia... so we looked at the options. While the flight was cheaper for her, it was tons more expensive for me. But I balanced the cost of hiring the courier -- until I found out that the driver in Moscow was basically the same price as hiring a courier to do all the leg work for me! I just couldn't make it work.

On top of that there was some confusion about the long plane ride home. Another challenge about the flight home from Vladivostok is the timing of flights. As you can imagine there aren't a ton of flights in and out of the International terminal there. Many of the layovers were LONG - leading an over night stay in a transit hotel. My travel agent didn't know about the hotel that was IN the airport and was leading me to believe that I couldn't stay overnight because Little T couldn't leave the airport. Thanks to my friend Nancy for the wonderful advice on the Hotel Air Garden!! (Her blog is on private, otherwise I'd link you to her great blog!)

Finally when we had all the dates figured out and made sure we weren't leaving too soon, then the preferred flight home through Chicago was so crowded that there weren't even 2 seats together. It's likely that the airline could have done some rearranging in the airport - however... I really didn't want to take that gamble on a 12.5 hour flight with a 2 year old! So now we are coming home through Atlanta! Which of course added some additional $$$!

That's it! I am BOOKED, Dano!


Heather said...

Just reading that made my head spin. What a great stress to have though!! You have to feel good about finally getting to this stage of the adoption. Justin and I spoke with the couples that were there with us when we were on trip one. Seemed it was split - half used the courier - half went to Moscow. No matter what you will have little T with you so that is awesome!

Nancy said...

YAY YAY YAY! I hope that there is some shred of possibility that my 2nd trip may overlap with yours by even just a few days so that we could meet!

Jenny said...

We are soooo very HAPPY for you!!! WOOOHOOO!!! It will seem as if it is a will be pinching yourself til you touch down with your bundle of joy :) But you will know that it was worth it to get to that point!!! I have goose bumps...I'm that excited for you!!! Good Luck and PLEASE keep us updated!

Love & HUGS,
Jenny, Ron, Ryan & Luke :)

Laura said... much to coordinate! It looks like perhaps we may be on the same side of the world at the same time, just on different ends of the continent.

Looking forward to hearing how the rest of your plans unfold!


Roger and Joanne said...

Ok...I'm a little confused, but I think I got it. You're doing the RT to/from Vlad. Not going to Moscow at all and using the courier. Was the courier cheaper because you would have 2 flights to pay for through there home and more hotel nights? We really want to go to Moscow, too, and have thought that we'll go there on Trip #1 before or after meeting the little one. We'll see. As with all adoptions...all plans are soft until exactly complete.
I so wanted to meet you in Vlad, but I guess my adoption agency has different plans for me.

Chandra said...


Becky and Keith said...

Wowzers! Talk about confusing travel plans! Glad you are all booked! If you need anything while in Atlanta, just let me know!

findingourdaughter said...

So glad you got it all worked out. I am dying to see you with little T again and can't wait until gotcha day! In less than 3 weeks you are leaving to get your baby!!! Yea!!!!
God Bless,

luvin' life said...

we'll be counting down with you!

Christine said...

How exciting!

Kim said...

Ohhhh there it is! :) CONGRATULATIONS!!