Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crop -errrr, Snow- Circles

Friday afternoon was gorgeous up here in Michigan. We've had such a stretch of cold snowy days this year, that a beautiful sunny day is well appreciated! Thanks to Angie down in Florida, for filling me in that she and her husband Rick heard on the news that Detroit recorded only 24 hours of temperatures ABOVE 32 degrees during the entire month of January. YUP! It's been wicked cold!

While I was looking out back to check if the bird feeders needed to be filled (the answer is always yes!) I noticed some weird spots in my backyard. With all the snow we've had, my backyard had at least a foot of snow throughout except in near these "spots" that looked like crop circles. I couldn't figure out what was going on. So of course I had to put on my boots and go outside to investigate.

I live in a small subdivision that is basically a two street cul-de-sac. No way about but past my house. And since I live in a small town - it's QUIET. People let their dogs run around - which doesn't bother me - except the presents they leave me in my yard! But the neighbor dogs have certain routes they take -- and these crop/snow circles were MUCH to big to be made by the dogs. On further inspection my backyard looked like a band of merry men had played a game of touch football back there. I took pictures to share with everyone.

Friday night we discovered the culprits. A herd (?) of deer are making my backyard their evening hot spot. They are digging in the snow for a snow bed, and munching on some shrubs in the yard. They don't mind if I turn on lights or even look at them out the window. Why my yard - I'll never know. I've mentioned the dogs next door. They don't seem to care. They arrived around 8pm last night and were still partying at midnight when I went to bed. My neighbor was up late last night until sometime between 1 & 2am -- and they were still there when she went to bed as well!! We investigated today and it appears there are approximately 15 deer beds - although this could be two different beds for some on the different nights. I counted 7 or 8 last night - but my back yard has 3 different levels with all the hills - so some may have been out of eye sight. However many there are -- they are gorgeous creatures!!!


jeanette wunderly said...

That is so cool! They must have known you were an animal lover and wouldn't mind their company.

Joy said...

My aunt has deer that come to be fed every morning and night at her house. They come at 8 am and 4 pm. They are beautiful creatures.

findingourdaughter said...

Awwww, how interesting and wonderful! Too bad you couldn't get any pictures of them...I'm sure it was too dark and they wouldn't have shown up....but WOW!
They must be bringing you good luck....good karma, good something; watching out for you. Enjoy your "company" while they visit.

Roger and Joanne said...

It's cool to see nature out our front doors, isn't it? Here in AZ we also get to see deer roaming around our neighborhood. As well as, javelina, bobcats, and (yikes) rattlesnakes. I hate seeing them. Once on my front yard was a Gila Monster. That was scary, too. I like seeing the deer! (But I've never see them "partying")

Lindsay said...

What a fantastic thing to have in your back yard: now photos of your visitors are essential!

Amy said...

Before I even got to the pictures I knew it was deer! They tore our yard up in the snow in Philly!!! I guess I didn't totally mind, but I just wanted to see that pristine, just fallen snow look and never could get to!!