Friday, January 2, 2009

My 2009 Wishes

The first post of 2009. I have declared it "The Year of Tatiana" (and Max!! and all the other little ones that come home this year).

To get us started this year, I thought I'd do a great recap of 2008 like Chandra did (how did I do Karyn?? Thanks for the tips!!! Hehe!!) But then I realized, my 2008 wasn't really all that exciting. It had its ups and downs like everyone else, but not really note-worthy enough to warrant a whole year in review. So I decided to look forward to my wishes for 2009. Here we go!

1) My first wish is a present from Vladivostok for my friend Angie and her family. Angie is a wonderful person, who has shared many a laugh and stress point with me. It WILL happen Ang!! I have faith -- just when you least expect it!!

2) My second wish is to meet Tamara, Nathan, Sasha and little Mia in FL, along with some other Lighthouse folks, including possibly Lorien (if I haven't seen her face by then!). Keep your fingers crossed for us!

3) Third, I wish for safe and speedy travels for all the neat people I have "met" on this journey. Nancy, the Overstreets, the Collinsons, Joy, Roger & Joanne, and those still waiting for word from Russia.

4) I hope Jesse and Jason write a book full of tips for travelers. It would be a best seller instantly!!

5) For my oldest friends: I hope Carrie, Barry and Mary sell their house; I hope Kimster Hamster follows her dream; and that Suzy and crew continue to be the healthy, happy family that I lean on! I hope Madam Rhonda finds the picture that takes all of our breath away - and realizes the talent that she always denies.

6) For my family: I wish for peace for Jenni's hectic life; for Gary and Rena to know that they are loved; and for mom, dad & Sharon and Gram all meet their new grand-daughter/great-grand-daughter. I hope to see Aunt Kay and the Clarkson's more.

And finally... I wish for a court date soon to bring home the little miracle that I can't wait to change my life. I can't wait to share everything with her and start her on a new path!

Happy 2009 everyone. What are your hopes and wishes for the year?


Sara said...

My wish is that I am there in Vlad to witness you getting custody of Tatiana! Preferably in January, but early February would do.


Joy said...

You are so sweet to include me in you wishes of 2009! I just can not wait to see pictures of your little one.

Jesse said...

I wish for you to have your court date very very soon so you can bring your baby girl home.

I wish to see pictures of you and little t together with your big family for the big welcome home party.

And I wish that you would pack that big suitcase already, because this is all going to happen very quickly when you get your court date!

I also wish we could be there on your journey with you - we miss Vlad so much and are so excited for you! A quote from Almost Famous... "It's all happening!!!"

Roger and Joanne said...

I agree with Sara. I would wish to get that hug from you in Vlad while you're picking up Tatiana and I am meeting my little girl for the first time. And yes, the earlier the better!!!!!

Thank you for including me in your 2009 wishes!

May it be a great year for us all!

findingourdaughter said...

Sniff, sweet Amy girl....I also want to be in Vlad with you! But if not, seeing you in FL will do too!
Tatiana is getting the bestest momma and I cannot wait to see her (and you) blossom in your new roles (daughter and mother).
What a 2009 this will be!!
Big hugs,

Sherrie said...

This was so sweet! And I agree with your friend, Jesse. Here's to a wonderful 2009!

Becky and Keith said...

My wish is that all of my blog friends complete their adoptions in 2009!! I can't wait to read updates and see pictures of those little ones this year! Many hugs to you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!