Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mindless Self Indulgance

(Yes, Rhonda, the title is in your honor!!)

Are you bored? Stressed? Need something to do to pass sometime? Are you waiting for a court date (ha!), waiting for a referral, waiting for a trip or need to escape your life for a moment?

Well, then do I have to the game for you. Thanks to my friend Amy (it's actually curses to my friend Amy -- you'll see why after you play!!), I am passing along this latest, mindless game. It's silly and easy and very low tech. But it's REALLY addictive. And it helps me pass the time between 15 minute Fish Wrangling intervals on Facebook -- but that's another story. So here it is... enjoy. And don't thank me! Thank Amy!!

Snake Trouble!


Joy said...

You really hate me don't you! Now I will NOTHING done around here.

Tiger & Kar said...

Great! As if I need another computer obsession! LOL!

Kim said...

HA! That is almost as good as Free Rice -done that yet? FB is very addicting - look me up, we can be friends. :-)


Troy and Rachel said...

Oh my - I totally love it!! I can see I'll be getting all the blog reading done now!!

The C. Crew said...

Any updates?

Rhonda said...

their big in canada

Amy said...

Glad to see the snake game was a hit!