Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This Crazy Week

It's been a crazy busy week so far, and it's only Wednesday!

1) Shower pictures. As promised, Suzy and Jenny delivered some great shower pictures. Here's a quick peek at the cake and my beautiful group of friends:
Another cool cake - and if you can see the little bears behind it, they all held hearts that said USA. Suzy saved me one for Little T -- so she'll get her own USA bear!

I know I have bragged about my family and friends before, but I really do have a great group of "ladies". Of the 8 ladies there this weekend, I have known everyone but Miss Sarah for over 18 years. We still get together at least once a year and it's really like no time has passed at all. Thanks ladies, for a great weekend and your great friendship.

2) The weather "round here has been NUTS! Sunday it was warm and kept getting warmer. Sunday night and early Monday morning we lost almost ALL of our snow. Over the day on Monday, the temperature dropped drastically - basically 35-40 degrees. My mom and I both live on the Black River in Croswell - about 2 blocks apart. She's got a great view as the river is closer to her house than mine. She called my house around 9pm on Monday night saying that there were "crazy" things happening on the river. I went down there to see giant, huge pieces of ice whizzing down the water, almost like it was spring. With the return of the COLD again Monday night and Tuesday, all the chunks froze up, making a really crazy looking river. I am thinking that the snow machines on the river this winter will have a rough ride.

3) High noon today: Today at noon ET is our last order date at work in order to guarantee delivery before the end of the year, so we've had a huge push to "make our sales number" the last couple weeks. It's been exhausting - so I am counting down to the big deadline. The good news is, I made my number! Now, I just need each of you (especially those of you in Michigan!!) to go to your local store and buy some Nesquik (the ready to drink kind) or some Coffee mate (liquid kind)!!

One week until Christmas!!


findingourdaughter said...

OMgosh, Rick and I are addicted to Coffee Mate Vanilla Caramel.....we use a large bottle up in 1 week.
Wish we could have a day or two of your crazy snow, LOL! It has been several days in the 80's here in FL. Doesn't feel much like Christmas.

Barb said...

Thanks for the techno help! It worked!

Troy and Rachel said...

What a wonderful shower and a great group of friends. You can't ask for more than good friends and a get together no matter the occassion!