Monday, December 8, 2008

There's a Stocking Missing on the Mantle

I've been posting a lot lately... this is true. Honestly, I think it's to get my mind off the wait! It's getting to the time when everyone is starting to ask "Have you heard anything yet?" - which is a totally natural question. The trouble is -- LOL -- I haven't! And it's beginning to drive me batty.

Not that I expected to hear something just yet -- but I'd like to hear anything. I'd like to hear, "she's ok, and all is well." I'd like to hear, "your paperwork has been received and it's being processed" -or- "your paperwork has been received and we need one more additional document". Something. ANYTHING! There is a family visiting their new son on trip #1 in Artem this week, so I am completely living vicariously through their posts of what's happening!
Yes, I am still trying to keep busy. The house is fully decorated inside now, but I think with the snow, this is NOT my year for outside decorations. We've gotten more snow now - and there's a prediction that even more will come tonight! I didn't get Little T any "Christmas presents" this year, partially because I knew that we wouldn't be home before and and also because having never experienced "presents" really before, I thought it might overwhelm her as well. She also doesn't have a stocking hung on the mantle yet... part of me still goes back to being afraid to "jinx" something. Here's a shot of the rest of our stockings... me, Murphy, Roo and Gracie's.

I am still working on lots of little projects to fill the time. I bought a new giant suitcase for trip #2 and did a dry run of packing all the gifts and Little T clothes to see if it would fit. Good news is that it will, I am just unsure of the weight! I may have to take it up to my friends at the post office to see if their giant scale can measure it for me!!

I just miss her so much and can't wait to have her home. Ahhhhh, it MUST be Monday!!


jeanette wunderly said...

We haven't even gotten our referral yet, so I can't even imagine meeting your little girl and having to leave her for so long. Hang in there!!! This will all seem like forever ago once you get her. :)

Joy said...


Thanks for the comment on my blog. It is very funny that we read many of the same blogs. I hope the time comes soon that you are able to meet pick up your little one.

I love following along others journeys.

Nichole said...

This wait is the hardest!! Hang in there. I can see how the holidays would give you something to keep you busy, but it probably makes you miss her even more! Hoping you get an early Christmas present with travel dates inside!

Sara said...

Good luck tomorrow!

I'm on pins and needles waiting for your court dates too!!

Troy and Rachel said...

I have to say first that your toy room does look great and don't worry about filling it up - your daughter will do that for you!! I hope you get some news soon and we'll be praying you do.

findingourdaughter said...

I am anxious for you you know!
Praying for you to have not only the "all is well with documents" call, but also "your court date is....". Everything is better with an end date!
Hugs and love,

Roger and Joanne said...

I, too, am anxious and impatient. Actually I just want these holidays over so that Russia can get on with the adoptions. Terrible to say probably, but I feel your eagerness.
I DO hope you get back to Vlad very soon and reconnect with your little girl! And in the meantime...who knows what can keep our mind off things....Be safe and healthy during the wait is all I can offer.


Jesse said...

Hi Amy,
Most likely you won't hear anything from coordinators. I begged and begged for news and for someone to see Alina on her birthday, but no, they have other things to do.

Know that little t is doing well, she has done fine so far. I am sure the caregivers love her very much, how could they not? I know it was very emotional for our caregivers to say goodbye to Alina - they truly care for their little ones.

Just keep getting your nursery supplies together. Make sure all paperwork is done, and go our with some friends and have some "fun,"(yes I know you will feel that's impossible to do) I know it's hard, but little t will be yours sooner than you think, then you will never have a free minute! :) little t will be clinging to your leg all day long. :) See a movie, do things you won't be able to do with a wee one in tow. Bonding takes 6 months!!! No "breaks" for 6 months, no babysitters, only primary caregivers (you) can hold her...It's not easy, but it has BIG payoffs!

BTW you should purchase a luggage scale (it's little) at Target and bring it with you. We were stopped in Korea because our carry-ons were overweight. Thank goodness there are many security points there. We just went to the next one with a more lazy checker! :) hee hee

Best, Jesse