Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lost: One Giant Beast Kitty (temporarily!)

This past Sunday when I woke up, there was something missing in my bed. Typically, I wake up to a giant 25 lb cat at my head to the left (Roo), and a sweet, VERY hungry calico (Gracie)crawling on me the minute she detects me stirring. Murphy, the king of the house, sleeps in the living room as our guard. This is our normal routine. But on this day, there was no giant 25lb beast in the bed.

This would probably not freak anyone normal out. However, I, am NOT normal! My kitties (and myself) are creatures of routine. Variances from said routine are not typical. I generally can tell you where Roo is 24 hours a day, because he doesn't usually stray to far from me. He's my total lover boy.

So I figured I'd get up and he'd join Gracie and I in the kitchen for breakfast. Hmmm no Roo. He wasn't in the living room with Murphy, and there seemed to be no sign of him. I started to get a little nervous. I know for me to be nervous seems a little strange to 90% of the world. I know. But you see, a similar event occurred years ago with my sweet (late) Nougat one morning. I couldn't locate him and eventually found him about 20 minutes of searching, only after detecting his pitiful cry from underneath my futon in the office. He had torn his ACL sometime over the night and basically couldn't walk.

I started on the search to locate the beast, much to Gracie's dismay (there was no food being served during this time because of said search!). Gracie and I searched high and low, behind couches, in the basement, under stairs, under the aforementioned futon, under my bed... etc. After a second search of the basement, I headed back to the stairs REALLY nervous this time. There he was sitting, waiting for me at the top of the stairs looking like "What's all this fuss about?". Needless to say, I was relieved, but intrigued about his obvious new hiding spot. He disappeared later that day as well to this new location.

Finally on Monday morning, I set out to trail him on the search for this new secret spot. I mentioned in an earlier post that in an effort to be organized this past weekend, I packed up all the gifts for trip #2 to Russia into a new BIGGER suitcase. The old suitcase I pushed under Little T's crib to get out of the way. Apparently there is just enough room for a 25 lb cat to go under the crib and up into the not closed suitcase. A perfect hiding spot - especially when you add the heating vent that is nearby!! I am surprised Gracie hasn't joined him yet. Here's "baby" Roo as he's usually called in his new warm spot...


Roger and Joanne said...

I love that story! Animals are so clever--I just love them!

Tiger & Kar said...

Ha! Good job Roo! Love the photo - he is so cute. Though he may be slightly offended now that his prime piece of real estate has been seen by not only you & Gracie but the 1,357,000 folks who visit your blog each day!

findingourdaughter said...

Awwwww, he's getting ready to guard little T when she gets home! Too funny!
There are days I feel like hiding under the bed and never coming out too......Roo!
Hope you hear news of a court date very soon!

Troy and Rachel said...

What a sweetie pie!! I'm the same way about my cats. If I don't spy one I go in the great search mode also. And usually it's just as you say, they end up at the top of the steps looking at you like why in the world were you downstairs in the first place! Glad you found him and all was well!