Thursday, August 14, 2008

In David Letterman's Honor

I have always been more of a late-nighter than a morning person. And yes, (sigh) I know that will need to change, as I won't be on my own schedule (soon I hope!) someday. If you are a late-nighter, you are familiar with the run of late-night TV shows, present and past. I've probably watched them all: Carson, Arsenio, Chase (remember that one?), Snyder, Leno, Daly, Kimmel (love it) and of course the king of the Top 10 List... David Letterman. He's just funny. Dry funny. Which I can be as well... so in Dave's honor, I have composed my own Top 10 List for the week.
From the Home office of Croswell, MI (he doesn't do this anymore since he switched networks!), the Top 10 Things I Can't Wait to Share With My Little Russian:

1) Summer Sweet Corn: messy, in your teeth, butter dripping down your arms corn!

2) Croswell's Famous "Swinging Bridge": Michigan's longest suspension foot bridge, a favorite of mine growing up, and well, it still ROCKS - literally!

3) The kitties: My furry family members. Cross your fingers for no allergies.

4) Nestle' Toll House Cookies: No, not my division of Nestle', but you gotta give props to the original bad boy of cookies. Warm and gooey, straight from the oven... yum.

5) Pizza: The world's most perfect food.

6) My Grandma!! This will make Great-Grandchild #21 for her, and her closest in proximity (she lives about 1 mile from me!)
7) Disney movies: I've long been a fan. They'll all be in the DVD library, except Bambi, which is FORBIDDEN.

8) Hockey: Especially the Red Wings! I mean, he's Russian, right? A natural fit.

9) My "girlies": The "faux" nieces - Jenni and Carrie's girls - his "faux" cousins!
and last but not least...

10) His "new" life: New country, new house, new room, new mom!

I am sure there are 100 things I have missed... but there's so many things to list! Feel free to add your own...


rhonda said...

pizza, corn and cookies...can you adopt me?

Charlotte in Pa said...

What a lucky little guy he's going to be! I can't wait until you teach him to skate. (Thank goodness you have the Flip video to capture it!)

Nancy said...

That looks like a cool bridge!

I've loved all the "firsts" that we've been able to experience with our son, even though he was 3 years old when we brought him home. First ice cream cone, first time seeing a swimming pool, first birthday party, first time playing with a soccer ball, first time riding a train, first time riding a kiddie roller coaster.....


Nichole said...

Sounds like a great plan! Your grandma is adorable!!

Tamara said...

We've found other firsts that are pricesless - first ice cream (Sasha thought he'd hit the high life, Mia wrinkled her face but wasn't willing to stop eating :) And, of course, you'll have a 'firsts' list - the first time he comes to you to cure his 'owie', his first 'Mama' and the first time he tells you he loves you. Now those are some firsts that will make getting up at the crack of dawn and collapsing into your bed at night from exhaustion all worth it. Can hardly wait to read about all your firsts ... hopefully that happens SOON! Tamara

Robbin said...

Hi Amy, I saw you on my blog. I love the nursery, you know my nursery issues lol.

What is the estimated time for your little one (Nikolas gets my vote!). And what will be his age when you bring him home?

Happy travels


findingourdaughter said...

Oh the "firsts"! Mine with my boys are: First trip to the ER, LOL. First Christmas when they are SO SHOCKED at what Santa has left (and they understand). And my all time favorite is the first day they met each other (when DS#2 was born). I can't wait until they meet their sister for the first time--I already know it will be special!
Love your "firsts" list and I like David Letterman too. Although after I became a mom, I never stay up late anymore!

Christine said...

Love this post! Awesome! At first I though ol' Dave had just passed away and I din't know it. :)