Friday, August 29, 2008

Little Post, Big News

Quick Post as I am still fighting off a summer cold...

BIG NEWS!! I got the official call that I am now registered in Vladivostok! Yea!!

However, the "typical" wait time for a referral is 1-3 months. So please say a prayer, cross your fingers, throw some salt over your shoulder for myself & the Confers, the other family from my agency waiting for Vladivostok. I am hopeful, thinking positive, for a quick referral!!

So if I were feeling better, you'd see me dancing in the streets -- but I am not up to it right now, and there is more waiting ahead!

Hot off the press... it's a DOUBLE BIG NEWS DAY!! Lorien from my agency just called and she has received a copy of my precious 171H! The official form saying the the BCIS has approved my adoption. This means I am PAPER READY! I checked my mail and nothing up here, maybe tomorrow! But just knowing it's completed is great news. That means I received that form in 2 months - a month ahead of the estimate. Woo hoo!!!! When it rains, it pours!


findingourdaughter said...

SO excited and happy for you!!! You didn't tell me about the I171-H!!! Wow! Now you are totally ready!
God is good!

Lindsay said...

Congratulations on your double big news! Hope you are soon getting even more and bigger news!

Nichole said...

Congratulations!!!! It is always so good to hear about progress in the process!! I will dance in the street for you!! Have a great weekend.

Chandra said...

YAY!!! Congratulations! I'm so glad that you are finally registered in Vlad. Here's hoping it's on the short end of that 1-3 month timeframe!

Tamara said...

YEA! Hurray! Wahoo! Okay .. I know you're under the weather but I expect the BIGGEST happy dance when you get the next call to make up for your subpar happy dance right now. If it makes you feel better, I did a happy dance for you :) WAHOO!!! Hugs, Tamara
P.S. Get better SOON!

Nancy said...

AWEsome news!!!