Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just Like a Kid At Christmas

I got a new toy this week! On the Lighthouse Adoption yahoo board last weekend, one of the topics of discussion was having your child seen by a doctor during the referral status. One of the ways some families achieve this is to create a video and send it to an International Adoption Specialist.

This was a challenge to me, as I don't have a video camera. I haven't needed one in the past, so I never bought one... and was thinking that if Chilled Beverages @ Nestle makes plan again this year AND we have our catalog points system for a bonus, a nice video camera could be on the horizon next year. However, in the interim, I have nada and wouldn't feel comfortable asking someone "hi, can I borrow and take your expensive nice video camera out of the country?"

So Tamara ( had posted about using her "FLIP" camera in Russia and that it was really small and handy. For those of you who don't know Tamara, she's a total lifesaver! She's been through this whole process twice -- and is truly helpful! So needless to say, I listened (read) what she had to say. And smart as she is... she even posted a link. So I went off to check out the FLIP. ( After reading all about it, I was sold. even had the Ultra model cheaper than list (I am told Target does too!) So I ordered it and it was waiting for me when I returned home from a work trip on Wednesday. (I LOVE Amazon 2 day shipping for free, works well with my patience level!!)

So here is my first published video. It's from this morning - Saturday mornings in this house are earmarked TUNATIME for the kitties (they aren't spoiled or anything). And as you'll see Gracie gets particularly excited for tuna. Enjoy.


Nichole said...

That looks really cool. That would be perfect to take on an adoption trip. Isn't Tamara the adoption angel? I love her!

Suzy said...

Hey there! So nice to see all your current "kids"!! Murph looks regal as usual!!

Tamara said...
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Tamara said...

Too cool! I think what Gracie was trying to say is "PUT THAT THING DOWN AND GET THE LEAD OUT" I'm HUNGRY!". Cats crack me up. They have such a cool 'tude about them. Thanks for the kind words. I'm always glad to help whenever I can :)

Charlotte in Pa said...

The Flip is THE BEST THING EVER! I have a nice Sony digital video camera that I NEVER use. Since I've gotten the Flip I've taken a lot of videos and actually put them on the computer, edited them, etc. It's so handy!