Saturday, June 27, 2009

Warm Weather Weekend

Somehow Tatiana and I scored a weekend with a great weather forecast and NO plans! Woo hoo. We lounged in jammies until 10am, ate real blueberry pancakes and went down the break-wall in Lexington again.

Since the weather was a bit nicer than when Joy was here, there were families swimming, kids playing and much more activities going on. We saw a gorgeous family of swans - the babies aren't tiny anymore but they are very cool to see!

After naptime we went across the street to the pool and my cousin Jenni's girls joined us. It was a really nice day, so the pool was a great temp! It helped to have the other girls around - T saw that they splashed and played and kicked - and she really started to put it all together. I looked over at her and gramma and she was laying forward (leaning on gramma's hand) and kicking her legs. HUGE pool strides!!

Here's some pictures of our weekends activities.

Lexington, MI Break-Wall

T LOVES the water!
Sweet T
Swan family
Pensive Man in Lexington... looked better in BW
Lexington, MI Marina and shoreline


Barb said...

Beautiful pictures, Amy!

jeanette wunderly said...

Sounds like a great day! T's hair seems to grow which each new post :) Great pictures!

Clarese said...

Sounds like a beautiful day. I love the way T's hair is growing out. Very cute :)

Roger and Joanne said...

I love weekends like that, especially when they start with blueberry pancakes!

Again! An even more beautiful picture of T. How beautiful are those brown curls!!! said...

Pensive man looked like maybe he was gonna jump--lol!

T is just ADORABLE! :)


Troy and Rachel said...

I gotta say I'm loving T's hair again!!!

I'm glad you all had a nice weather weekend and were able to get out and enjoy it!!

Becky and Keith said...

Ahhhh... no plans??! And a nice weekend?!?! AWESOME! Looks like you had a great weekend - T looks like she is growing up so quickly and her hair is gorgeous! Glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

Kristine said...

She is such a dolly!

Ok...maybe pensive man needs a wife and daughter? haha. Did you ask him what he was up to?

Looks like a fun weekend!