Friday, June 5, 2009

First Trip Away

All quiet on the blogger front? This week - yes! I had my first "overnight" trip away from Tatiana this week. Overall -- we all survived!

Actually it wasn't that bad.

As much as I hated to have to go, work beckons -- and baby needs new pairs of shoes, so mama must bring home the bacon!! So off to Boston it was. One of my favorite towns - but I haven't been there in over 20 years. It was a great trip - and a informative meeting. Double bonus.

T stayed with Gramma - who worships her almost as much as her mommy. My main worry is that it would hurt everything we've built so far on the attachment front. Good news is that she frequently asked for her mama. Combined with our phone talks (Mama: Hi baby. T: Hi baby. Gramma: No say hi mama. T: Hi mama! Mama: How are you? T: Howahya?) we all did great.

So first work milestone - check and passed! Keep your fingers crossed that it stays above 70 for a bit this weekend and we can try out our new pool membership!! It's been so cold here we've haven't gone for a dip yet!


Nancy said...

I have just now gotten all caught up on your adoption completion.


I'm using Lighthouse Adoptions as well. I believe we have emailed a couple times.

Feel free to link to my blog!

Look forward to following along with your sweet, little girl! She is a cutie!!!


findingourdaughter said...

I know you are glad to be back home with baby T. Y'all are gonna have to run away to FL if it doesn't warm up there.....please tell me I will not need a coat there in August!
Hug the lil princess for me!

Nancy said...

Amy - Thanks! I'll put a link on my blog to yours too!

I signed with LH in Oct 2008. There is an adoption timeline at the bottom of my blog - it will give you more detail on my agency journey!

Barb said...

Glad to hear your first trip away went well! Loved the phone conversation:-)

Kristine said...

Glad to hear that your first trip away went well and that she does so well with her Grammy. That is a big plus!

Have a great weekend!


Nancy said...

Glad the trip went well!

Rich and Jolynn said...

Fantastic to hear how T did while you where away. She loves her Mama. So it is cold at home and here in K-grad too.

Rich and I so want the t-shirts that you shared with us last month. Just have not had the time to get them for us. I will try and do it when we get home. Thanks for sending us the updates. Hope to see you this summer in person with our little one!