Saturday, June 13, 2009

What a Day!

Getting ready for the big swim... (yes I took her socks off!)

Post (COLD!) Swim - Playing Peek-a-Boo and Goofing Around

More Ice Cream!
Patient Casey and her pink bandage

What a day! Since we missed pool time yesterday when it hit over 70 degrees - we thought we'd try it today. The weather was dancing right around 70, but it felt cooler walking over to the pool. The pool is heated -- but man, was it chilly! Not 90 degrees like the pool at aqua aerobics.

So T wasn't a fan just yet. She can't touch in the shallow end and I think she was just scared. The bathing suit my dad and Sharon brought up from FL was great and fits her PERFECTLY but she was too scared to "move around" so it kept tipping her over - like Aunt Jenni said Riley's did. We planned to go on a search this afternoon when she got up from her nap to look for Water Wings as a 2nd float device but alas... we got sidetracked... read on!

My other newest baby - Miss Casey had a BIG week. She got "fixed" (spay surgery) and her front claws out on Tuesday and came home Wednesday. My vet is great and they use a laser for the claw surgery - so while yes there is a little discomfort for a bit, it looks like nothing was done to the paws. Casey would tell you otherwise however. They were bugging her Friday night and this morning I decided to take her back to the vet before they closed for the weekend to get some anti-biotic and pain meds. Maybe the pain meds worked too well because she kept licking and biting at her left paw and broke open a scab. She started bleeding more than I would have liked! Thankfully my vet has emergency hours for clients - and she put a gorgeous pink bandage on her paw. She's tugged at it a bit - and it's lower than it was earlier, but the goal is to get her to leave it on through Monday. Poor Casey!!

Hopefully Sunday will be uneventful -- but we've got a bunch of things to do... so, I doubt it!!


findingourdaughter said...

Love the ponytail!! T is so cute in her swimsuit! She'll enjoy the water when it gets warmer--I'm no fan of cold water myself!
Poor baby Casey, rough life as a new kitty in the family! Hope she feels better soon.

Roger and Joanne said...

The water has to be bath water practically for me to get in. She'll eventually become a fish and you won't be able to get her out. :-)
Sorry to hear about Casey. It feels horrible when we can't relieve our pets pain, too.
T always looks like she's having so much fun! What a character she must be! I so wish our kids could meet up.....