Sunday, June 14, 2009

Surprise Visitor!!!!

I had the best day!! Many of you are VERY familiar with my friend JOY from blogger land - we have so many common "friends". Joy is in town to deliver some paperwork to her agency (I'll let her tell you that story on her blog!). She emailed Friday night to see if I was free for some playtime and unfortunately some commitments up here in the boondocks of Michigan kept me from being able to join her down in the Detroit burbs. I asked her if she'd like to come hang out with us - thinking the drive would be a killer after her long day of traveling already - and man was I excited when she said YES!!

Joy is my first "blogger" friend I have met in person -- so I was super excited. I have to tell you she's even more fun in person than she is on her blog - and I didn't know if that was possible!

We had a great time - and here's some pictures to prove it!! Thanks for visiting, Joy!!
Joy at Croswell's Famous Swinging Bridge!

Joy & T on the Lexington breakwall
Joy, Amy & T in Lexington


Roger and Joanne said...

I have never met a friend from "blooger" land yet, either. How lucky for the both of you! I follow Joy, as well. So glad you guys could meet up and have such a great time!

Kristine said...

How cool is that?!

Troy and Rachel said...

I'm just catching up and I am so glad you got to meet and hang out with Joy! It's always great to see the "real" people!! I love the photos of the before swim and when you said you took off her socks, it cracked me up. I hope Casey is doing alright after her surgery and that her pink bandage made it to today.

findingourdaughter said...

Aw, y'all look so awesome....I wish I could have been there for some fun too! But in about 8 weeks....I will be there!!
Amy--I'm sure you made Joy's day just have that affect.

Clarese said...

What fun! It is really cool how small the Internet makes the world!