Friday, November 28, 2008


Happy Black Friday everyone! I hope that you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving. I know I did! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, partially because of my families tradition. Traditions are a BIG thing for me. I am a sentimental fool - so I love my traditions. The older the better! And honestly, I am very disappointed when traditions are strayed from. When other people choose not to par-take in a given tradition for a year (or more) I personally don't understand it. Just my neuroses kicking in once again! I think to myself "how do they not see how important this is?" But again, I do know, somewhere in the deep depths of my brain that just because something is important to me doesn't mean it has the same meaning to someone else.

So in my big, crazy family, the Thanksgiving tradition is a LONG standing one. I hear my aunts talked the same tradition back when they were little ones. My Grandpa Clarkson (mom's dad) was one of SEVEN boys! No girls (poor Great-Gramma Clarkson!!). Five of my Great-Uncles are still with us, but ALL SEVEN families still gather every year for Thanksgiving. Now, I ask you, how can you top that? Our traditional gathering is about 70 people. On a big year, we can push 100.

You're probably wondering who has a house that can hold 70-100 people. Nyet! We actually have our Thanksgiving at an American Legion Hall. A few years back we got smart and started catering the turkey, mashed potatoes (real, of course), stuffing and gravy. Everything else is "potluck" style. So you can imagine, on average there are 5 different types of cranberry dishes, 5 different types of sweet potatoes, etc. This year, we had two FULL tables of desserts. Many varieties of pumpkin pies/breads/rolls and then lots of non-traditional desserts as well. Lemon Meringue is a family FAVORITE, yes, even on Thanksgiving. I seriously wonder if it's partially genetic. Do people of the same blood crave some of the same foods?

I literally can only remember about 2 years in my life when I didn't participate in this tradition. One year I went to Las Vegas - which was a BLAST, as Vegas always is, but I did miss my tradition. Every couple years there is a new batch of little ones running around causing havoc and generally having a great time with cousins, 2nd cousins and most likely at this stage 3rd cousins! I can't wait for Little T to be part of that crowd next year. She'll have blast.

So tell me about your Thanksgiving. How was it? Still in Turkey coma? Anything out of the ordinary that you do? Now back to decorating. Pictures to come later!!

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait for our family to have big crazy get togethers like yours! I didn't have four kids for no reason. Seriously, the idea of a hall full of family makes me smile. I can only imagine how awesome it was knowing you're on the brink of starting new traditions. So much fun in store.