Sunday, November 16, 2008

To Do Lists

I have to say this is been a rather productive weekend. Although to the untrained eye, it may not look like I have done much this weekend, I have actually accomplished quite a bit. I've decided I need little projects each weekend to help make the time go by. Even though I know that I probably won't be able to go back to get Little T until January, that doesn't make the waiting any easier! So each weekend, I'll bite off a little job around the house to make the time pass.

This weekend was all around cleaning/straightening weekend. Friends and neighbors have given me gently used toys for Little T - and I have purchased some toys at Mom 2 Mom sales. Which makes me realize that I really don't have a great area for her toys. I hope to turn one end of the basement into her play area. However that will take a paint job that is MORE than I wish to bite off, so I am debating calling the pro that did the outside of my house when I moved in. The other major task for this weekend breaks every holiday rule in my rule book. Yes, I did it. I put up the Christmas trees - MINUS ornaments.

For those of you who haven't experienced a Christmas with me (yet!), I am a decorating FOOL. I have a whole storage room in the basement full of boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations. I also have 2 full sized Christmas trees and 1 baby Christmas tree. The first full sized tree goes in my living room - and is a Santa tree. All ornaments on it are Santa - with the exception of a few red and silver balls. The other full sized tree is the catch all tree -- ornaments from when I was little, ornaments I have collected - anything NOT Santa!! The baby tree is a red, white and blue theme - all patriotic ornaments.

All this decorating can be quite exhausting. My rule has always been no decorating until the weekend of Thanksgiving. Last year, I think I put the trees up (no ornaments) the weekend before Thanksgiving, but next weekend is my first baby shower. So, see? I had to do it this weekend! Plus it falls into my category of things to do to make the time go by. My last justification reason is Gracie. My sweet little calico came to live with us last year on 12/27. She was very overwhelmed when she first got here, so while the trees were still up, I truly don't know what her reaction will be to them. She doesn't seem like a climber traditionally, but her little jaunt outside this summer didn't exactly prove that statement to be 100% true. Trees up, but no ornaments will give her some time to get used to this whole idea!!

Finally, I'll leave you in my tradition of late, another picture from Vladivostok. As I understand, this a memorial to Nikolai II - a former Russian Duma (president? I think). Either way, it's gorgeous!


Nancy said...

I love that picture...that's one of the prettiest spots in the city!
How exciting that you have a shower coming up!!!

Pamela said...

My mother had the same rule about the timing of the Christmas tree. I always hated it. I always promised myself I would not be constrained by such a rule. I decided I would start listening to Christmas music now because, I think this year particularly, we could all use as much Christmas as we can get.

Michelle R said...

Hey, I think Christmas is to be enjoyed as long as possible. My tree is up too!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Arch in Vlad. We didn't get to see too much beyond Moscow. I am enjoying living through you.

Sara said...

Well, you'd fit right in here. Our town has a Chrtismas festival and everyone looks at you cross-eyed if you don't have a tree up by Thanksgiving. The festival starts the weekend before Thanksgiving - the city's lights are ready to go!

Someday you and T have to come visit us for festival!!

Oh, and post some pictures when you get your trees finished.

findingourdaughter said...

LOL....I wish I could put up our Christmas tree. This year...I have decided to concentrate on the decorating and NOT the shopping (we are scaling back quite a bit), so for the first time in about 5 years......I will NOT go shopping on black Friday....instead we will decorate the house! We usually do it the weekend after Thanksgiving anyway--we'll get a one day jump start. I put Chipmunk's christmas CD on really loud and annoy everyone:)!
Yeah for the holidays!!

Roger and Joanne said...

Good for you on the Christmas decorating. Personally, I don't like to decorate the house....sad, I know. I may have to start out slowly in the coming years.
I also love that picture of the arch. So nice you were able to experience Vlad in nicer weather.


Troy and Rachel said...

That photo is gorgeous! I'm glad you are making your lists and doing a project each weekend. Projects seem to go out the window once the kiddos arrive home!! Hoping the days fly by for you!

Eric & Becky said...

Just read your blog we have been waiting to. WE just got the call to return last week we are very happy I know it is a long wait but it will be here befor you know it since we got the call things have gotten very busy for us we love reading you blog and will keep watching and hope you get a call soon so just stay busy and God Bless