Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday, all. In a quest to "update" and jazz up my blog today, I accidentally deleted all the "blogs I follow" -- I tried to recreate it, but if yours is usually there and now it's not, please tell me! I'll go through withdrawls!

So as you've probably noticed, there is no new "jazz" to the blog either. I must be horribly html challenged. I swear I followed all the directions to get a nice pretty new pink background in honor of Little T -- but it just didn't work. Maybe some nice soul will take pity on me and help me! I need jazz... I am not a furniture re-arranger. You know -- there are people who love the constant change and re-arrange their furniture often. I wish I was. I do like the change -- but I just don't do it. Especially in these high tech days, when disrupting TV etc. cords could leave me without Grey's Anatomy - or worse yet, this week's new season of Top Chef! So instead of furniture re-arranging, I think I need to freshen up the blog...
In other world news, you may have read about the Russian submarine tragedy over the weekend. It particularly caught my attention as having traveled to Vladivostok, I knew that likely any Russian sub was bound to or from that port. Sure enough - the submarine was headed back to Vladivostok. Sad news. In their honor, I've chosen as my picture of the day from Vladivostok, part of the WWII Naval Memorial. It's a beautiful Memorial overlooking the Sea of Japan. Very moving as all War Memorials typically are. Coincidentally, this is very fitting as tomorrow is Veteran's Day here in the United States. A huge thanks to all our former and current troops.


Little Patch of Heaven said...

I would be more than happy to help you out with your blog.

Charlotte in Pa said...

Yeah, I could help too if you need it. (although I'm sure your first commenter is quite capable) I'm just all excited that I figured out how to make headers!

findingourdaughter said...

If you are tech challenged...then there is NO hope for me, LOL! Wow, that memorial is impressive.
Praying for your little T!

The McLaughlin Family said...

Funny because I was messing with mine over the weekend. I was trying to change the colors...I didn't get very far either. I guess I'm just lucky I have my blog set up. Have a great day.