Monday, October 20, 2008

Whenever Yesterday Was...

Famous Quotes from the trip (so far):

- "Don't make me go get Sean Astin.  He'll kick your butt."  (Amy to Rhonda, plane to LAX)
- "You are very lovely and beautiful".  (Sergei, our driver to Rhonda)
- "And that's sugar...." (Mike Lee to Amy as she almost "sugared" her fries instead of salt)
- "Ummm I'm typing in Korean" (Rhonda in the Icheon International Airport)
- "What's my name?" (Rhonda post arrival)
- "I did that yesterday, whenever yesterday was..." (Rhonda, again)

And to quote my favorite tween time movie from oh so long ago... (Poltergeist) "They're HERE"!!!

We have arrived.  After what seems like forever of planes (no trains) and a few automobiles, Rhonda and I have landed in Vladivostok.  Everything everyone has told me (especially you Jesse and Jason!!) is right!  The airport is small - and people were pushy, yet in some way I loved every minute of it.  We hooked up with Sara and her husband in the Seoul airport (my blog stalker with the scary weird same dates!) and also met another great couple waiting for their #2 trip to bring home their new daughter.  Sara and I kept up our magical timelines, but literally going through customs at the same time!!

Tomorrow we are off to the Department of Education and then to meet the little guy.  I am nervous and excited and anxious - all in one.   Sergei, my driver, and Kate the translator, had a couple comments today that made me VERY nervous... but no use dwelling on anything until we see for ourselves tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  Have a great Monday all those of you on the other side of the pond.  Thanks for the comments -- it's nice to have a touch of home so far away.

And finally, to explain the Sean Astin comment -- the semi famous actor was on our flight from DTW to LAX.  I, in my star struck nature, noticed him quickly.  I did some minor stalking and got a picture -- which I'll upload later!!  Peace out.


Tiger & Kar said...

Oh, I'm sorry the comments made you nervous. Hopefully it's nothing to worry about. I'm thrilled you finally made it to Vlad and perhaps by now you've met your little one?? What's the time difference anyway?

Best of luck with the rest of your week!

Nancy said...

Those are great quotes! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

findingourdaughter said...

You are SO funny!
I am nervous, excited and anxious for you too. But you will know what is right and you can only do what you feel is best for you and the child. Big Hugs......this will be very hard, I'm sure.
Thinking and praying for you,
P.S. Does Sara have a blog?

Amy said...

Hang in there friend!! Good luck tomorrow...or whenever you get this/go see him!!

I love the Sean sighting. LAX is always the best place for star sightings. Can't think I've ever been there and NOT seen someone!

Can't wait to keep hearing the details... :)

Tamara said...

I'm SO excited that you're in Vlad! YEA! And, Rhonda must totally travel better than me. I don't think anyone would've been commenting on how lovely I was after traveling the globe for two days :) Go Rhonda! Perhaps after Rhonda returns, she could write a best seller on how to look gorgeous in all situations. LOL.

Charlotte in Pa said...

Did you get the whole plane chanting "Ru-DY! Ru-DY!"? Or at least make a hobbit joke??

I'm glad that you got there safely. Best of luck with the whole trip - can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures.

Little Patch of Heaven said...

So glad you made it. Keep us posted. I am hoping everything goes well for you.

Nichole said...

How exciting! Glad your trip went well. I will pray the rest of it will go just as well.

Troy and Rachel said...

So glad you are there safe! Can't wait to hear when you have met your little boy. Rest up!

Pamela said...

I'm not sure what the comments were. I hope all goes well. Message to Russia: Don't make me come over there!

Lindsay said...

Other people - with the best of intentions - can make us fearful and nervous at times like these, even when they are trying to be reassuring! You're nervous anyway, so it just adds to it and becomes a vicious circle.

I'm sure your wee man is just fine and perfect. Expect he may show a lack of eye contact, or be withdrawn or nervous. You are a stranger to him after all and you may not be the first person presented to him as 'mommy'. (I was not the first PAP for Hannah, and it wasn't because of 'issues' with her that the other parent didn't move forward). He is probably going to be a little confused by everything going on tomorrow since it will be an unusual break to his established routine. Try to relax if you can and go with his flow.

I know you know all of this anyway! :) I had moments of disquiet during my meetings with Hannah. Yes there were signs of attachment issues and some minor physical delays.

But nothing that a loving mama can't heal.

Thinking of you tomorrow - I'll be stalking your blog since we're practically in the same time zone :)

Suzy said...

Glad you made it safely. Can't wait to hear more updates. The darn school system has your blog blocked so I have to wait until I get home to find out what has happened!! Grrrr!!!